Friday, August 15, 2014

It's One of those Days

Today was one of those running days that I wanted to hold onto as long as I could. The most perfect blue skies, a breeze, and 68 degrees. Is this really DC?

This summer I almost always headed into the woods for my runs. It's quiet, and away from traffic, and if I time it right, I miss all of the people that get up early to run or bike before work. The paths are all mine!

This week I've been soaking in my time outside. School responsibilities start up next week, so I only have a few morning runs left. I also know that winter will be here soon - and by soon, I mean there are still a few months. But the leaves will eventually fall and the crickets will disappear. There will be nothing but cold and wind, too much for this Vermonter to really enjoy. Knowing this makes me look around more, to take in the sites and smells while they're still here, and to feel the warmth of the sun while it still shines high in the sky. 

From the ONE time I ran with my phone while in Vermont

I was reminded this morning why I love running without music or a phone for photos, even if it is the most gorgeous day. There's a strong instinct in me to go outside to relax. I feel rejuvenated after a run. I feel more connected with the world. Without technology I am free. If I had music in my ears I would miss out on the sounds that make my runs what they are...

....The twig snapping to my left this morning, and when I turned to locate the source I discovered a family of 5 deer enjoying their breakfast by the trail.
....The sound of the water in the creek as it flows over the rocks, always louder just after a rain storm, but calming at the same time. Something about water refreshes the soul.
....The crickets always chirping, providing a constant background music that is the theme of summer.
....The birds going on with their days, whether it is the woodpecker on the tree, the robins looking for food, or even the crows that get angry because a certain someone has invaded their territory.
....The sound of the blue heron splashing on the surface of the water as it lands in the creek right next to me during my warm down yesterday. We both stopped and stared at each other for two minutes. It is is one of my favorite creatures out there - so elegant, graceful, and quiet. 
....The peepers (frogs) that welcome in the spring, giving hope to warmer weather that lie ahead.
....And the crackle of the leaves that have fallen - nature's last gift of beauty before life goes into hiding for the winter .

Nature is my music. Nature keeps me calm. I am always thankful that I have two legs to carry me outside to enjoy what the world has to give us. Our society is overloaded with technology (yet here I sit, using it) and we tend to forget to put it down to truly experience life. 

I'm not religious, but I have to say I'm impressed with Pope Francis, who just a few weeks ago, encouraged young people (am I still young?!) to stay off the internet and smartphones. I couldn't agree more.

Put down the phone. Turn off the music and the computer, and go do something outside. And with that, I'll log out and truly get this day going!


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