Monday, January 5, 2015

Looking Ahead to 2015

Happy New Year all!

We (Tom and I) spent two weeks in Vermont over Christmas and during that time I was unable to connect my computer to the internet. While that could have been a problem, I was totally OK with it. The break gave me plenty of time to disconnect, and didn't make me a slave to the screen. It also meant that I wasn't able to write up my end of the year recaps like I used to.

No matter what, it is a new year, and there is plenty to look forward to in the next few months. Here are some excited things happening in my world:

Last year was my first year running for Potomac River Running, which also goes by =PR= Running. I was able to squeeze in more races, run for them at the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and the Boston Marathon, and become more motivated knowing that I was representing a team of runners. That was helpful for those days that I didn't want to get out the door. I knew that I was running for something larger.

I'm excited that I'll be able to run for them again this year. More races, hopefully more PRs, and a chance to meet more runners.

ambassador_TeamNuunAnother exciting addition to my running this year is the opportunity to represent Team Nuun! I've used Nuun since I ran the Nike Women's half in 2013. The flavors are great and it never leaves an after taste in my mouth like Gatorade did. It's a great option for getting electrolytes in after a workout or a run on a hot, summer day in DC.

I have only one race on my schedule for 2015 that was not planned for. BOSTON!

For months after last year's race I swore that I wouldn't run Boston, or any marathon, for some time. That all changed one week before sign up opened, when I realized that there wasn't anything holding me back. I actually wanted to run Boston. There was no outside force making me feel like I should do it like last year.  Knowing this, I feel like I will be even more into the training this year and will be excited to be there running.

What's even cooler is that Tom is also doing Boston this year! He had also sworn that he wouldn't run Boston or another marathon but someone must have put a spell on us or something to make us change our minds last minute. I like the idea of us both training. We can push each other to get out and do the workouts, and don't have to feel bad when we are tired and want to stay in during the evening.

It's nice to be back in DC after a few weeks in Vermont. Yesterday's run was in the 60s, which felt heavenly compared to the 20-30 degree weather in VT. I know I won't be down here forever, so I fully appreciate the warmer running days during the winter down here.

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