Sunday, February 15, 2015

2014 Monthly Recap - July through December

Hah - so remember back in December when I posted about the first half of the year? I wrote a post on the second half of the year immediately after but didn't post it, wanting to add December's progress it it. December ended. Then so did January. Here I am, the middle of February, and I'm just pressing publish.

If you care, read ahead. If you don't care, I won't be offended. Part of keeping a blog is just documenting my journey through running so I can look back on it in a few years. Here's a look at the second half of 2014.

July: 142 miles, 1 race
I am surprised to see that I got in a fair amount of miles for a month that seemed so hectic. Our wedding was on July 12th. We spent the most beautiful week in Vermont leading up to the big day and got to see all of our family and friends. It made leaving so much harder.

A few weeks after returning to DC, Tom and I both ran in the Crystal City Twiligher 5K. It was strange to race at night and I sort of lost motivation as the day went.

The race drew a lot of fast runners and the atmosphere was a ton of fun. While I didn't get a PR, I wasn't too upset with seeing a 19:29. It was nice to know that I still had speed in me, and that I was racing better than I did in college. Getting old isn't a bad thing after all.

August: 177 miles
Throughout this month I began to follow the Hanson's Method half marathon training program even though I only had one month left of training until the half marathon. The cross country season began half way through the month, and school shortly followed. I loved running and the heat of each day, and tried to soak it in as much as I could. There was still sunlight in the sky when I got home from work and practice, giving me enough time to get in my mileage each night. Life and running were good.

September: 99 miles, 1 race
After a month of solid training in August, this month started with the Parks Half Marathon. It was a gorgeous morning and the race was going splendidly well until my calves cramped up at mile 9 and became nonfunctional. I still got a PR (1:28:26), but was hoping for more. My body, minus the calves, felt great. Good news: I got 5th place and a little prize money with it!

October: 115 miles, 1 race
Cross country season was in full swing. A bet made two years ago was put to the test in a 5K late in the month. I signed up for a local road race with our cross country kids. It was fun to warm up with the kids and experience a race with them. Almost all of them walked away with PRs. By running this road race, they also got to experience another type of racing, not just the trails and fields they were used to. I got an unexpected PR, a 19:09, and a 2nd place female finish, but knew there was still more in me.

November: 95 miles, 1 race
Cross country ended and the track season began. I had one race this month - a 10K, that took place on a gorgeous fall morning. What made it better was being able to experience the morning with coworkers. I'm thinking that I have a mental block and should throw away my watch. I ran a 40:04, a one second PR, but still not the sub-40 that I wanted. It's expected: I hadn't gotten in a true speed workouts since the half marathon in September. To be speedy in a race you must get in speed workouts during training.

December: 109 miles
This month consisted of some down time and lower mileage runs before Boston training started half way through. Tom and I headed up to Vermont for almost two weeks, focusing on family, friends, and training. We didn't head to the gym like last year and got in some solid workouts in the cold. While it was not my preference, it became valuable when I returned to DC.

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