Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 Racing Kicks off Tomorrow

Tomorrow is scheduled to be my first race of the year. I signed up for the =PR= Running Reston 10 Miler in January, thinking it would be warmer after reviewing the temps around this time last year.

Nope. When I got back from my 8 miler today I discovered that the afternoon snow that was forecasted is now expected to start at 8:00am tomorrow. I'll be running in snow and 21 degree weather.

I'm not a huge fan of running in the cold so it is no surprise that the thought of racing in the cold is killing me. I won't lie - I have considered not running many times today, but there are a few reasons to go: I don't know what Boston will be like (but it better be warmer that 24!) and being part of a race team means that there are others that will be out there too. I can't wimp out.

If I have to get in 16 miles tomorrow I might as well do it with some company instead of waiting until later in the afternoon when it will be warmer, but "ice pellets" will be falling from the sky, according to Weather Undergound.

I wanted tomorrow to serve as a gauge for where I'm at for Boston. I was originally hoping to attempt a PR. My speed workouts are feeling good and my body seems to be running faster and stronger than it was last year. Knowing that the temperatures are going to be so low, however, is forcing me to readjust my plans.

I'm not going to go into tomorrow's race expecting a fast time. I'm not even going to attempt it. Maybe it is good that I know this already, because I won't feel bummed when I finish with a slower time. I'll let tomorrow's "race" serve as my tempo workout for the week.

My biggest stress isn't actually the cold itself, it's what to wear. 21 can feel cold or warm depending on the sun (which there won't be tomorrow) and the wind. I know I'll need to wear regular winter mittens because my Raynaud's will totally freeze my hands and I don't want to have to worry about that in the middle of a race. Warm hands equal a happy, and warm, Dani.

In other news, my PR racing singlet came back a few days ago with my Nuun logo printed on it! It's official now - I'm really part of Team Nuun!

I am also really happy to be able to run for Honey Stinger this year. I've been using their products since moving to DC. Usually I have a waffle before a long race (10-milers to marathons) and their gels during longer races. I love knowing that there aren't the same crazy ingredients found in other energy products, and as I've mentioned other times on the blog, I really enjoy munching on something like the waffle, which tastes great and makes me think I'm eating a dessert instead of an energy product.


  1. have you seen these?? thought you vermonter would like them:
    How do you like Nunn? I havnt ever used it but now that I am running again I thought I would give it a try. Good luck tomorrow! I am all for the company of others and the fun of a race to get a long run in!

    1. I haven' tried the maple syrup yet but love the idea! Have you had it yet?

      Nuun is great! I like it after races to help get in the electrolytes. It doesn't leave the aftertaste that Gatorade does and it has a lot of yummy flavors. I had it during a half marathon down here and really liked it instead of the other drinks that are typically offered.