Sunday, March 1, 2015

Reston 10 Miler Race Recap

Being part of a team can be motivating because you know there are others out there to race with and in some instances, relying on yo to be there. Being on a team was the only thing getting me out of bed at 5:00 to go to the race this morning. It wasn't because they were relying on me, but the =PR= race team has some really fun people on it and I knew I would enjoy my time at the race by getting to warm up with them and cool down with them.

This was my third time heading to Reston to run. I like the races at South Lakes and know what to expect from the =PR= Race directors. There's a fun vibe at the events, plenty of bathrooms, and more than enough food at the end.

How did the race go? As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I knew I would go into this and treat it as a tempo run. There was a part of me that was secretly hoping that I would get into mile 1 and feel amazing enough to race. That didn't happen. The course was much hillier than I remember, even though I do recall there always being rolling hills, and the snow started falling at mile 5, making yet another thing to worry about. The cold, the extra layers, the who knows what else - I just didn't have the desire to race it.

The highlight of the morning was just meeting more members of the =PR= Team. I'm slightly jealous that they all live out in Virginia. They frequently get to run workouts and race together so they have a pretty good bond going.

Below are the thoughts that ran through my head at each mile.  
  • Mile 1 - 6:32 - Ehh! That's not a bad pace! Staring to regret the decision to wear mittens, though. 
  • Mile 2 - 6:43 - Egh - Good thing I'm not racing. Goodbye lead ladies - and then some! 
  • Mile 3 - 6:56 - Today is definitely a tempo day. And why did I wear these mittens?  My hands are more than toasty. These things have no breathing capabilities.
  • Mile 4 - 7:20 - What happened here? (After the race others noted there was a hill at this mile that also killed them. When wasn't there a hill?)
  • Mile 5 - 6:35 - Just hoping to get the halfway mark. Oh look - there's snow!
  • Mile 6 - 6:57 - Over half way there. Just keep on truckin.
  • Mile 7 - 7:16 - Why can't I catch the guy in front of me? We've been running the same pace for some time now. Oh look, there go some women flying past me. Why do they look so much stronger than I feel? Maybe I should start focusing on my form instead of everything else I'm thinking of right now.
  • Mile 8 - 7:09 - It's still snowing. I'm actually glad I wore these mittens - I'm starting to feel the wind on my fingers. I'm so close to the end!
  • Mile 9 - 6:58 - Caught up to the guy. "We can do this!" We chatted for a bit. He recollected that the map said Mile 8 and on were supposed to be downhill. He mentioned this on another uphill. 
  • Mile 10 - 6:30 - OK, now we can turn on the jets and cruise home. 

Finishing Time: 1:09:09
6:54/Mile Average
4th in age group
13th/565 Women

I would have loved to have been able to race today. I felt bad about writing my mile splits up there knowing they aren't what they should be, but my plan was to tempo. Two+ miles for warm up and 4 miles for cool down put me at 16 miles for the day, and they were all done before the rain and sleet hit!

Another perk to =PR= race is the tech T's that they give out. I had to choose between a shirt or a $10 gift card to their store, but I'm happy with my choice. I also wasn't expecting a medal, so a little bling isn't that bad either!

Boston is my next race on the schedule. 
Only 50 more days!

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  1. Awesome race! I don't know how you do it but I wish I had just an ounce of your skill!