Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Day Running

DC was hit with snow storm Thor yesterday. When I woke up it was raining, by the time I was making breakfast I could hear it was changing to sleet, and then a half hour later there were snow flakes falling from the sky. This was quite a contrast to the day before, when it was warm enough to run in shorts! Since school had already been declared off the night before, I took my time in the morning doing something I never do: catching up on the newspapers and completing a cross word. Random note - the only cross words I've ever been able to complete are the ones in the NSTA Monthly Newsletter because they are Science themed.

Around noon I went out for my run. I started heading North and instantly hated what I was doing. The snow was flying in my face and I was instantly reminded of my run two Saturdays ago when ice began forming everywhere on my face. A man told me I was crazy. Maybe so.....

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I decided to turn around, thinking that maybe it would be best to stay inside and do a cardio/strength workout. But as I was jumping over a snow pile to cross the road, I said something automatically, without thinking.

"This is fun - running in the streets with no cars on the road! No one is out here!".

Do you see what happened there? While the conscious part of me was seriously considering going back inside because it was cold and wet, a subconscious part of me thought it was fun to be out there. A deep part of me wanted to be out there. At that moment I decided that I would get my miles in, rather than going inside.

I turned south, heading into downtown DC, and it was a good choice, too. Business people were out clearing their sidewalks, there were few cars and people about, and I was heading with the snow and wind while I adjusted and warmed up during my workout. I ran by a woman who exclaimed, "that's dedication."

You bet! I can't let this silly storm ruin my training. It was nice knowing that I was out there with a purpose - Boston.

The White House was gorgeous in the snow!

I took a loop around the Washington Monument where a guy was riding a fat-tired bike. He asked if I could take a photo of him and then asked if I wanted to try the bike. Ha! I wasn't planning on having that question asked. I politely declined and continued on with my run.

It's funny running in DC in a storm - people start talking to you all of a sudden. I mean, everyone has a comment to make. On the way home ice began building on my eye lashes and eye brows as I headed straight into the falling snow. One guy laughed at me saying I was crazy and one woman said she was impressed (hey lady - you clearly didn't think it was bad enough to go shopping!).

It's true that running in a snow storm becomes a little trickier and a whole lot wetter, but it is also more beautiful than it typically is. If you can get out and focus on the positives of a run you may be surprised at what results.
The sun is out today and you better believe I'll be heading back outside! Another snow day means another day to get in some mileage. We have just one more day of below 30 degree temps and then it looks like spring might be making its way around here. I'm looking forward to temperatures in the 50s next week!

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  1. Ughhh I have lived in California my whole life and the snow looks soooo beautiful!