Monday, March 2, 2015

Snow Day Traditions

I really love living in DC. Maybe some day I will write a post with my favorite things from this city. One perk to living here is that there are frequently school delays when there is snow predicted for rush hour, and the forecast of 4 inches of snow will close schools for the day.

Two weeks ago we got our first (and only) snow day of the year. Last year we had 8 so it's been a little sad to have to wait so long in the season to get one. Tom was also home and we were able to continue with our "snow day" tradition that started last year.

The first part of our snow day tradition is breakfast and coffee at a nearby Firehook bakery. We make the trek outside to check out the snow and enjoy a relaxing morning of people watching and just simply talking. Tom usually reads the newspaper and I can get in some grading. Since when did we grow up and become adults?

After our coffee we head home for a while. I usually have a burst of energy and can do some cleaning around the apartment. It feels good to get it done during the week instead of weekend.

We usually meet up with a friend of ours, John, around midday and head downtown for a run. Last year we ran through the monuments, but since Tom and I had just completed 15 miles the day before, we took it easy this time and ran to the White House and back.

The afternoon was gorgeous and it was awesome to be out in the streets running instead of inside working. Yes, we were one of those crazy runners that the Washington Post wrote about, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

It's ironic that I tend to get in more miles around snow storms considering the streets are not in ideal conditions, but the extra time gives me the opportunity to get out there and enjoy it.

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