Sunday, April 19, 2015

Boston 2015: Saturday

Marathon weekend has begun! We arrived in Boston yesterday morning, were fortunate enough to be able to check into our hotel before 10am, and then made our way to Newberry Street to meet up with other Nuun ambassadors. 

I missed the run portion, but finally got to meet Colleen from Live Free and Run, who was super awesome and had just run the BAA 5k. 

Tom and I headed to the Expo next, spending money (of course) and checking out some of the vendors. We got an awesome pair of free lobster socks for getting a gait analysis done at the Brooks store, and I was super tempted to get the Lobster shoes to go with them!

We were hungry after the expo. Actually, I quickly became hangry after it because of the crowd, so we hit up Sweetgreen, which makes THE BEST salads. Apparently Shalane had gone there earlier! Ugh! I missed her!

A lot of people give up fruits and veggies in the days leading to a marathon but I can't. I'm used to eating them and crave them. I feel so yucky chewing down on a bagel or bowl of pasta only to have that again later in the day. Too much heaviness for my stomach. My philosophy: you need the nutrients to allow your body to run.  Colorful veggies vs pasta? One definitely wins out. It was also a sign that we were in line to see Scott Jurek at the expo before they ran out of book. Scott is a vegetarian but also an incredible ultramarathoner.

After lunch were onto the required finish line photos. We cheered on some middle school relay races on our way back to the hotel, witnessed grown men running in Disney costumes/dresses through the park, then watched a few episodes of House Hunters as we rested our legs.

The evening was great as we got to catch up with a high school friend over dinner at Riccardos Ristorante. She and her boyfriend are such fun people and the delicious Italian filled us up! 

When you're in the Northern part of Boston, where is the one place that is required to go? Mike's Pastry, of course! It might not have been the best idea to have half a cannoli at 11pm but I'm all about the experiences this weekend.

The race itself:
So what is my goal for Boston? Run. Have fun. I would love a PR but already know that it is not happening this year for various reasons. I'm not bummed like I was last year. I'm trying to stay positive even while hearing about the weather possibilities. My outlook on the whole race is much more positive because I chose to run this (on the morning of sign up) rather than feeling like I "should" run it like last year. Boston's race is unlike others. The spirit of the city is amazing and I feel fortunate to be able to return this year to be a part of it. I am also so incredibly excited for Tom, as this is his first time running Boston and only his second marathon ever. 

Even the buildings are proudly displaying their spirit: blue and yellow!

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