Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Updates

A lot of changes have happened in the months since my last post. Anyone that personally knows me or who follows me on Instagram is fully caught up, but for others - here is a quick review:

  • Tom and I raced the Vermont City Marathon in May - a post will be coming with my recap
  • The school year finished.
  • We bought a home in VT
  • I said goodbye to the city I fell in love with - DC, and to the friends that made my time there so special. 
  • And........
Tom and I are training for our next race - slated to take off on December 19th!

Yup! There's a little one in there and as of today I'm just over 16 weeks along. It was fun to tell family, friends, coworkers and students weeks ago, but now I can finally share it on here.

Since you are probably wondering the same thing as everyone else I am including the most commonly asked questions I have been asked along with the answers.
(BTW - this link has the questions and things you probably should not say to a pregnant woman - the video probably being the best)

Was I pregnant for Boston? 
Yes. This explains why I had to change my race goal suddenly. If you head back to my recap on Boston it all starts to make sense!

Morning sickness?
I honestly didn't feel pregnant until week 7 except for extreme hungry pains. Up until that time I was doing great. Then I took a trip to VT and felt like I was constantly car sick.  I needed to eat food all the time, although nothing seemed appealing. If I didn't have food I would get THE WORST hunger pain of all time, and if I had no food after that then I began to feel sick. 

Of course I take naps but that was due to living alone in DC for a while and now because I'm on summer vacation. What else should I be doing?
The truth is, however, there has never been a day where I have come anywhere as close to being as tired as I was while following the Hanson training plan. It seems like pregnancy is easier than marathon training - at least for now *knockonwood*

Is there anything I just can't eat?
Chicken, Pita chips, and for a while I wasn't doing veggies because they just tasted like chemicals to me. Thankfully that part is over. I was getting a little worried about nutrition. 

Am I still running?
Yes, but way too slow and too few miles for my liking. I'm huffing and puffing. I felt decent prior to Boston but then the race sucked out all of my energy. I just haven't been the same since and I know it will get worse as the months go on. Running in the morning before work actually helped me feel good for the rest of the day, so there were many mornings I forced myself to get out there for 3 miles. Now that I'm in the second trimester I feel better while running.

People - let's not get carried away. We have not picked out a name. When we finally decide on one or a few we will be keeping it quiet until after the baby comes.

Will I find out the sex?
Yes. I can't not find out if the technology is available. I'm a  must-know-everything kind of person. 

Those are the updates for now. More posts will come now that I'm more settled and have a bit more time on my hands.


  1. Just realized I never commented on this, but can't express how happy I am for you and Tom! Also so awesome that the little one already ran their first Boston!! :) Best of luck with new transitions (home, pregnancy, all of it!)

  2. I totally squealed of happiness for you two when I saw your announcement post on IG! I'm so happy for you two! Now we just have to do the cousin get-together before school starts back up. Maybe now that you're pregnant I could keep up with you on a run? Just kidding, that'll never happen :P