Friday, July 10, 2015

Stay Hydrated with a Nuun Discount

I'm popping in quickly today to tell you about Nuun's Friend and Family sale that is happening right now. You can get 20% off when you shop through until 7/23/15. All you need to do is use the code: NuunSummer15 to get the deal.

If you haven't tried Nuun this is the perfect time to do so, especially as we hit the peak of summer. Hydration is key to feeling good on runs and recovering after workouts.


I love Nuun and crave it after hot summer runs. The flavors are great and it's always easy on my tummy. They recently came out with Plus for nuun, a tablet that you can add to your water with your favorite Nuun flavor to give carbohydrates in addition to the electrolytes that Nuun provides. I haven't used it myself because it came out after I got pregnant, but cannot wait to try it next year when I resume training.

Nuun working its magic

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