Friday, October 2, 2015

Running at 29 Weeks

I'm technically not at 29 weeks until tomorrow (Saturday) but know that if I don't publish this post today then I won't sit down to write another for four more weeks.

Since my last post at 20 weeks, my belly has definitely popped. I got my Oiselle singlet in the mail last week and tried it on expecting it to not fit, but wouldn't you know - it did! I loved the fabric and the light-weight feeling much better than my PR singlet I've raced in for the past two years and CANNOT wait to begin racing in it next spring. I have race ideas lined up in my head, but nothing set in stone yet. 

Running is still happening - but slowly. It helps that Vermont was so warm during September (the warmest on record by TWO degrees!). I feel slowed down when I have to start layering and I was so happy to be in a tank top this past weekend. With the cooler temps that arrived on Wednesday I know I'll be feeling a little more sluggish - if that's even possible. 

My goal up until last week was to get in 20 miles each week. This is a goal I've had throughout the second trimester. Then things started to change last week. I don't have a desire to run that much anymore. I don't know if I am mentally becoming weak (no more workouts + no more long runs = brain doesn't care to work hard) or if it's just a natural part of the process. I've also said goodbye to my watch for good for the last month. Without it I can finally get into the "zone" and when that happens, running is easier. 

Nothing hurts on me like it did a month ago when I had back/rib pain on my left side. I feel perfectly fine now, but just different. The slow pace is just slooooow. It's hard to keep moving at that pace when I could just walk and put in a lot less effort. In fact, I remember someone mentioning to me that I may not run the whole pregnancy because I'll get tired of moving that slow, and yeah - I'm about there. I won't stop running, though, because there are good days. Some days I get done 5 miles and feel like I could go for a few more. Other days I'm perfectly fine at 1.7 miles - a number I thought I would never be fine with. Since I never know how a run is going to go I just accept it for what it is and know that I may feel totally different the next day. I'm not giving up on it quite yet.

Since it is clear that I cannot possibly sign up for Boston with the deadline now past, I don't have that in the back of my mind pushing me to keep running. I have to admit that I was the crazy one trying to figure out how to make Boston work. I love that race with all my heart. I wanted nothing more than to be there again next year, but I know the reality: how was I going to recovery safely and then begin to train again in less than four months, all while adjusting to a new life? I wasn't. Not to mention the problem that nursing would have brought; There's no way to nurse a baby or bring a pump to Marathon Village that morning. 

Rather than totally sulking like I wanted to do, I had to remind myself that I have an even better, and more difficult race ahead of me in December. Just like with any other marathon, it will take months to recover, so I need to give myself that time. I want to make sure I come back healthy and strong, not rushed and have that result in injury.

In other news, I'm been keeping busier with teaching but have much more time on my hands than I did in DC. I go to yoga when I can, but it doesn't always fit with my teaching schedule so I don't get to go every week. Tom painted the nursery a few weekends ago and we both started birthing classes this last Monday. Guys - it's all getting real! Now that we're less than 3 months away and I have a baby with more powerful kicks it is really starting to sink in. It's exciting, yet there are a lot of unknowns. I am thankful that I have Tom by my side and feel totally relieved to know that we'll make it through together with a lot of laughs along the way. 

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  1. I'm just so generally excited and happy for you. You look great, and happy things are falling into place for you and Tom. Boston will always be there, and just think next time you run it you'll have an amazing little cheerleader to support you!