Monday, December 21, 2015

40+ Weeks: Where's bébé?

Normally at this time I sit down to write a Year in Review of running but that's not happening this year. I thought that perhaps I would be writing a "Meet _________!" post, but that also isn't happening. I'm 40 weeks and 2 days and the little one has preferred the belly-apartment at this point.

Taken at 39 weeks. Belly is only bigger today

I've often considered this whole pregnancy thing like a long marathon, with the birth process being another marathon on the end. Lots of ups and downs, lots of waiting and taking care of yourself, many physical challenges that you have to adapt to, and always new things to encounter. I even had a dream the other night that I was about to run Boston again and I was equating the hills to contractions during labor. I thought for sure that was a sign of things to come since it appeared that my subconscious was ready for a baby, but the little one decided to stay put that day (and every day since...)

One difference with this and a marathon (among many other differences) is that a marathon has a start time that is usually spot on, and unless there's some natural disaster, it usually takes place on the day it was scheduled for.

Everyone asks how I feel. I feel good. Energy is good and I'm not totally impatient. I just hate the unknowns. I'd love to know what I'm doing for the next two weeks with the holidays, and then I realize that what the heck - I won't know what I'm doing for the next 18+ years. My schedule won't exactly be my schedule anymore.

The last few weeks have been busy with prepping for the baby and the holidays and also with catching up with folks that I haven't seen for some time. It was interesting to see people's responses at a party this last Saturday (my due date) when they asked when I was due. Or yesterday at our local maple store when the woman working asked and my response was, "Well, yesterday...." It also gets weird to show up to work each day and have people say, "You still haven't had that baby yet?!" Trust me folks, if I could, I would have. The best part though, was watching students freak out last Friday when they realized how close I was, and then offering to drive me to the hospital if I went into labor. Thanks kids - but I'm all set. I appreciate the thought though.

In other news - over the last few weeks I received word that I get to run as part of Team Nuun and Honey Stinger again in 2016. While there are a lot of unknowns about running and the thought of starting from total scratch scares me a little, I feel motivated to get back to work knowing that I've got those two companies by my side. I was bummed to turn down a Ragnar relay in 2015 with Nuun and hope to get a chance to run in 2016.

That's enough for an update. While I don't believe in those wives ta;es to trigger labor, I do believe in getting out and exercising. Since our December is unseasonably warm it's about time I get my butt out the door for a walk, and maybe - just maybe - that will actually do something. Hopefully next time I write there will be some good news.

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  1. Awe, you look wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that everything goes smooth as possible when the little one does arrive! Talk about a great Christmas gift!

    Congrats on Honey stinger and Nuun! I'm with ya on both this coming year!