Friday, March 25, 2016

Generation Good

Before E was born we had been using Seventh Generation cleaning supplies for a few years. As we planned for her arrival I thought we would use cloth diapers. It would seem odd that an Earth Science teacher would want to add to the mess we have created. However - what I learned quickly is that babies poop A LOT in the beginning, so disposable diapers became the go-to.

Since I wanted to still be conscious about my impact on the environment it was easy to decide to purchase Seventh Generation products. Last week we received a free sample of their baby wipes, but honestly, I already knew that I loved them. We tried various brands of wipes in the beginning but I always hated their perfumed scents. I felt like chemicals didn't need to be added to E's skin, and thankfully, very few chemicals exist in these wipes. I hate to say it, but I cringe a little when we have to use any other wipe.

We've also experimented with other diaper brands but as soon as she went pee we knew it. It was very obvious, but not in the nicest way. Fortunately, Seventh Generation diapers work really well at holding in smells, as well as the other stuff that comes out of a baby. We have been hooked on these right from the start.

Two months ago I discovered a company Grove,co, that used to go by epantry. They have a great monthly Seventh Generation diaper bundle that includes wipes. I love knowing that I'm supporting two smaller companies as I order diapers.

If any new moms are interested in saving $10 from a order (they have more than just diapers!) use this link.

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