Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Tom's birthday was this weekend. WAHOOO!!! Happy Birthday Tom!

He wanted an ice cream cake. With lots of candy. So I took him shopping.

We came back with Kazoozles, sour gummy worms, gummy bears, Heath bar, sour gummy candy-thingies, whipped cream, Ben and Jerry's Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch, Moosetracks, and crushed Oreos for the base of each layer.

He wasn't joking when he said "lots of candy", so I let him make the cake. I knew that my definition of "a lot of candy" would be no where near his.

Bottom layer with Heath Bar Crunch

You definitely need the gummy worms

Top layer with Moosetracks and kazoozles

Tom shares the same birthday with a friend of ours so we all saw 30 Minutes or Less at the movies. It was a rainy day which meant our original plan of hiking Camel's Hump had to be modified. After the movie we we took the boys on a mystery ride - to the Alchemist in Waterbury. The girlfriends (L and me) had planned a surprise dinner with friends and family! We broke into the ice cream cake after dinner and then needed shots of insulin.

Has anyone else made an ice cream cake? What would you put in your dream cake?


  1. Wow that is a festive and sugar high cake!! LOL...looks great!

  2. okay.. so when I next see you.. we will make this dream cake... I only would add caramel.. im salivating over this right now!

  3. Yes!!!!!! We will make it and the caramel will be delicious! It was by far the tastiest cake I've ever had. You're going to love it.