Friday, March 25, 2016

Generation Good

Before E was born we had been using Seventh Generation cleaning supplies for a few years. As we planned for her arrival I thought we would use cloth diapers. It would seem odd that an Earth Science teacher would want to add to the mess we have created. However - what I learned quickly is that babies poop A LOT in the beginning, so disposable diapers became the go-to.

Since I wanted to still be conscious about my impact on the environment it was easy to decide to purchase Seventh Generation products. Last week we received a free sample of their baby wipes, but honestly, I already knew that I loved them. We tried various brands of wipes in the beginning but I always hated their perfumed scents. I felt like chemicals didn't need to be added to E's skin, and thankfully, very few chemicals exist in these wipes. I hate to say it, but I cringe a little when we have to use any other wipe.

We've also experimented with other diaper brands but as soon as she went pee we knew it. It was very obvious, but not in the nicest way. Fortunately, Seventh Generation diapers work really well at holding in smells, as well as the other stuff that comes out of a baby. We have been hooked on these right from the start.

Two months ago I discovered a company Grove,co, that used to go by epantry. They have a great monthly Seventh Generation diaper bundle that includes wipes. I love knowing that I'm supporting two smaller companies as I order diapers.

If any new moms are interested in saving $10 from a order (they have more than just diapers!) use this link.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Introducing Ella!

Hello world! Let me introduce you to Ella Margo, who was delivered to us on Christmas Eve!

Or should I say we delivered her on Christmas Eve?

It has been fun getting to know her over the last four weeks. Gosh - I can't believe it's already been four weeks. She happens to be the why this wasn't posted sooner. Somehow that human being knows just when I sit down to drink coffee, start reading work emails, or eat any meal and instantly needs attention. A blog post hasn't been a priority, but I'm ok with that. It's more fun to play with her than to write and each day we learn a little more about each other than the day before.

I don't want to jinx anything, but I'm not as tired as everyone warned that I would be. Thankfully, Tom is a really awesome Dad and partner to have during this time and we seem to be making a good team. It's unfortunate that he had to go back to work this week because we had a good system going for the first three weeks. His new name is the "Baby Whisperer" and if I can't get her to stop crying all he has to do is pick her up and she stops. I wish I had his magical touch.

At her two week appointment

While I love reading other birth stories, I won't record  all of the details of her birth on here. However, here are a few details from the day she was born. 
  • I was out helping Tom with yard work on Christmas Eve because it was a whopping 67 degrees! I joked that it would probably be the day that I do go into labor since I was doing something insane like being a 40-week-and-5-days pregnant lady outside with hedge trimmers. 
  • I suspected I was getting contractions during a walk we took that afternoon, but didn't really believe it because they started in my quadriceps, not actually my abdomen. It turns out that each contraction would start that way for the rest of the night. 
  • Real contractions actually began around 6:00 pm and were 5 minutes apart very quickly. 
  • At 8:00pm contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. I lasted 20 minutes before calling the midwife back to tell her I was heading to the hospital. 
  • Shortly after  9:00 pm we were in the hospital.  She was ready to come and I was more than ready to be done. I'd say that I have pretty high pain tolerance, but with that fast of a labor, I found it difficult to deal with the rapid increase in pain. I knew it would be painful, but I suspect that if labor had been more "typical" of a first time labor then I would have had some time to adjust to the increasing pain levels.  People asked if I had an epidural and the answer is: No - I don't think I would have had time to get it unless I had asked immediately upon arrival at the hospital. And in case you were wondering, it is definitely more painful to give birth than to run a marathon. Nothing quite compares. 
  • I thought the midwife was joking when she asked if I was ready to have this baby (aka start pushing) after not being at the hospital for more than 1.5 hours.
  • I'm still amazed at what the human body does. Somehow it knows how to grow a human being and then "spit it out", and somehow that little human knows how to function. How on earth do they know where to latch on for milk when they've never experienced the world? 
Recovery has been going well. Immediately I felt like I had a clearer head and I no longer felt the urge to have coffee like I had for the last few months. I also went back to actually wanting salad on a daily basis like before I was pregnant, and would say that I overall am craving more fruits and vegetables. My body must know that it needs these things to keep the both of us fueled.

Ella at two weeks

While running is still a few weeks away, I signed up for my first "race", the Half Marathon Unplugged in April. Maybe it's too ambitious but I have no time goals, only to get my butt out the door. Actually, it's not as ambitious as it could have been - a few months ago I was still considering doing Boston! We also got a treadmill last week so I'm starting my core workouts and walking some each day to build up to being able to run again. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

40+ Weeks: Where's bébé?

Normally at this time I sit down to write a Year in Review of running but that's not happening this year. I thought that perhaps I would be writing a "Meet _________!" post, but that also isn't happening. I'm 40 weeks and 2 days and the little one has preferred the belly-apartment at this point.

Taken at 39 weeks. Belly is only bigger today

I've often considered this whole pregnancy thing like a long marathon, with the birth process being another marathon on the end. Lots of ups and downs, lots of waiting and taking care of yourself, many physical challenges that you have to adapt to, and always new things to encounter. I even had a dream the other night that I was about to run Boston again and I was equating the hills to contractions during labor. I thought for sure that was a sign of things to come since it appeared that my subconscious was ready for a baby, but the little one decided to stay put that day (and every day since...)

One difference with this and a marathon (among many other differences) is that a marathon has a start time that is usually spot on, and unless there's some natural disaster, it usually takes place on the day it was scheduled for.

Everyone asks how I feel. I feel good. Energy is good and I'm not totally impatient. I just hate the unknowns. I'd love to know what I'm doing for the next two weeks with the holidays, and then I realize that what the heck - I won't know what I'm doing for the next 18+ years. My schedule won't exactly be my schedule anymore.

The last few weeks have been busy with prepping for the baby and the holidays and also with catching up with folks that I haven't seen for some time. It was interesting to see people's responses at a party this last Saturday (my due date) when they asked when I was due. Or yesterday at our local maple store when the woman working asked and my response was, "Well, yesterday...." It also gets weird to show up to work each day and have people say, "You still haven't had that baby yet?!" Trust me folks, if I could, I would have. The best part though, was watching students freak out last Friday when they realized how close I was, and then offering to drive me to the hospital if I went into labor. Thanks kids - but I'm all set. I appreciate the thought though.

In other news - over the last few weeks I received word that I get to run as part of Team Nuun and Honey Stinger again in 2016. While there are a lot of unknowns about running and the thought of starting from total scratch scares me a little, I feel motivated to get back to work knowing that I've got those two companies by my side. I was bummed to turn down a Ragnar relay in 2015 with Nuun and hope to get a chance to run in 2016.

That's enough for an update. While I don't believe in those wives ta;es to trigger labor, I do believe in getting out and exercising. Since our December is unseasonably warm it's about time I get my butt out the door for a walk, and maybe - just maybe - that will actually do something. Hopefully next time I write there will be some good news.

Friday, November 6, 2015

34 Week (Lack-of-Running) update

How ironic - during my last post I wrote about how I had been getting in 20 miles a week and things were looking good. I even met up with Tessa and Karen, two other Vermonters with Oiselle, that weekend to run along the Burlington bike path. While my body felt awkward, it was exciting to be out there on flat ground and with ladies who took my mind off the act of running and allowed me to enjoy the experience again. I was able to keep up a quicker pace than I had been running on my own thanks to their company. We filled the run with talking and catching up/getting to know each other. I left excited and optimistic for a few more weeks of running.

The next day, Monday, my running came to a stop at 1.7 miles into a 3.5 mile run.

Me at 5 weeks vs. 29 weeks: also happens to be the day of my second to last run.

About 1-2 weeks prior I had started to feel some pressure in my lower pelvis after long periods of sitting. The pressure started to become more common and I could feel it on days that included a lot of walking and standing (teaching days). Soon, the pressure was just constantly there. There was never any pain, just the feeling that something wasn't right and something (a baby's head?!) was pushing down. Having never experienced something like this before, I became cautious about what I was doing, not wanting to make anything worse.

With all of the heavy pounding of running, I was only able to put up with the feeling for 1.5-2 miles before I was done. Running was no longer fun and felt very uncomfortable. I called my doctor's office that week and was reassured that this feeling is normal - after all - there is indeed a baby in there and gravity is doing it's thing.

The nurse I spoke with had a magical way of putting everything into an honest prospective, saying, "Since there's nothing you should be training for at this point in your pregnancy, you might as well stop and find some hilly walking routes instead." That's easy to say, but hard for a runner to accept. However, I realized that her outside perspective was absolutely right. While walking never gets the same satisfaction as running (not to mention it takes MUCH longer), I don't feel the extreme discomfort that running was bringing. Since then, I have stuck to walking for the last few weeks.

I tried to run once but it had been about 2.5 weeks since my last run so my body naturally felt awkward and bigger and I didn't last longer than 30 seconds in each burst. Fortunately, I was able to get in a few days of "real" cardio a few weekends ago when we were staying at a Marriott in Florida, It was amazing to get on an  elliptical and a stationary bike. If I was made of money I would have already bought both items for my home, but since I'm not, walking has been my workout lately. I've also kept up with yoga every other week. I'd like to do it more, but I can't quite justify spending the money every week when I'm used to working out for free. It's also becoming more difficult now to get in the poses, but overall, I love connecting with other moms/moms-to-be and having some personal, quiet, and active time.

The end of the second trimester and the start of the third trimester taught me that each week is different and you can only accept what your body is giving you (or not) at that moment. I've had weeks of crazy rib pain or lower back pain only to have it completely disappear a few weeks later. The back pain I was beginning to feel all the time magically disappeared once I stopped running (go figure!) so as I get bigger and more awkward I no longer have to worry about my back giving out on me all the time.

31 weeks
Going into this pregnancy I had small goals for myself. Ideally, I would love to have been able to run up to delivery day. That was goal A. Some women can do it, and right now, I'm a little jealous of them. Goal B was to make it to 7 months. I did that so I am content. Another A goal was to get in 1000 running miles with the baby, but I always had a feeling that that particular goal would not be met. My Believe training journal has sat on the same shelf, unopened, for four weeks, and the running mileage total will most likely stay at 848 miles. I was surprised to find myself close to the goal, so I'll accept that number and look forward to training again next year.

I have now entered uncharted territory - the longest break from running that I have experienced since I started running at age 14. I honestly think that 3 weeks was the longest I've ever taken. I'm starting to feel it in my body; I can't sleep as well at night and I don't think it's just because I'm huge. I'm also feeling it in my circulatory system, however, I am also carrying 50% more blood and can't take in as much oxygen with each breath, so perhaps that's the actual reason.

It is fascinating to experience the changes that happen to a body when it is carrying a baby. Nature totally takes over and knows what to do, and it is sometimes hard to accept what has to come. I'm trying to remain mentally flexible (because I'm not that physically flexible anymore) with what happens, and am taking each day as best as I can.

Perhaps it was handy that running had to stop when it did as we have been busy with various baby classes and are honing in on the last minute things that need to be done in the next 6 weeks. Weekends will become less busy now that friends have visited and we've made our trip to Florida, allowing us to appreciate the smaller joys that only a couple experience before our world is revolutionized next month. In a few weeks we'll celebrate with a baby shower, then Thanksgiving, and of course, that starts the holiday season which always flies by. Soon enough, the little squirt will be with us.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Running at 29 Weeks

I'm technically not at 29 weeks until tomorrow (Saturday) but know that if I don't publish this post today then I won't sit down to write another for four more weeks.

Since my last post at 20 weeks, my belly has definitely popped. I got my Oiselle singlet in the mail last week and tried it on expecting it to not fit, but wouldn't you know - it did! I loved the fabric and the light-weight feeling much better than my PR singlet I've raced in for the past two years and CANNOT wait to begin racing in it next spring. I have race ideas lined up in my head, but nothing set in stone yet. 

Running is still happening - but slowly. It helps that Vermont was so warm during September (the warmest on record by TWO degrees!). I feel slowed down when I have to start layering and I was so happy to be in a tank top this past weekend. With the cooler temps that arrived on Wednesday I know I'll be feeling a little more sluggish - if that's even possible. 

My goal up until last week was to get in 20 miles each week. This is a goal I've had throughout the second trimester. Then things started to change last week. I don't have a desire to run that much anymore. I don't know if I am mentally becoming weak (no more workouts + no more long runs = brain doesn't care to work hard) or if it's just a natural part of the process. I've also said goodbye to my watch for good for the last month. Without it I can finally get into the "zone" and when that happens, running is easier. 

Nothing hurts on me like it did a month ago when I had back/rib pain on my left side. I feel perfectly fine now, but just different. The slow pace is just slooooow. It's hard to keep moving at that pace when I could just walk and put in a lot less effort. In fact, I remember someone mentioning to me that I may not run the whole pregnancy because I'll get tired of moving that slow, and yeah - I'm about there. I won't stop running, though, because there are good days. Some days I get done 5 miles and feel like I could go for a few more. Other days I'm perfectly fine at 1.7 miles - a number I thought I would never be fine with. Since I never know how a run is going to go I just accept it for what it is and know that I may feel totally different the next day. I'm not giving up on it quite yet.

Since it is clear that I cannot possibly sign up for Boston with the deadline now past, I don't have that in the back of my mind pushing me to keep running. I have to admit that I was the crazy one trying to figure out how to make Boston work. I love that race with all my heart. I wanted nothing more than to be there again next year, but I know the reality: how was I going to recovery safely and then begin to train again in less than four months, all while adjusting to a new life? I wasn't. Not to mention the problem that nursing would have brought; There's no way to nurse a baby or bring a pump to Marathon Village that morning. 

Rather than totally sulking like I wanted to do, I had to remind myself that I have an even better, and more difficult race ahead of me in December. Just like with any other marathon, it will take months to recover, so I need to give myself that time. I want to make sure I come back healthy and strong, not rushed and have that result in injury.

In other news, I'm been keeping busier with teaching but have much more time on my hands than I did in DC. I go to yoga when I can, but it doesn't always fit with my teaching schedule so I don't get to go every week. Tom painted the nursery a few weekends ago and we both started birthing classes this last Monday. Guys - it's all getting real! Now that we're less than 3 months away and I have a baby with more powerful kicks it is really starting to sink in. It's exciting, yet there are a lot of unknowns. I am thankful that I have Tom by my side and feel totally relieved to know that we'll make it through together with a lot of laughs along the way.