Sunday, August 14, 2011

Long Runs, Cake, and a Birthday Celebration

First, tell me what on Earth could be better than having a long run, a cake, and a birthday to celebrate all at the same time. Second, it was handy that I did have a birthday to celebrate as I had leftover cake to eat before my run today. My maybe-8-miler turned into a 12 miler and those extra calories were much needed!

Yeah.... I'm probably crazy to eat cake before a run. And to eat chips and salsa. I know I should be fueling my body with nutritious foods, but the cake always looks better than a banana. *sigh* I definitely need to work on my pre-run food decisions....

Anyway, I'm not posting about my own cake creation, but instead am introducing you to the decorator-in-training - Tom! His mom's birthday was this weekend and to go along with the new serving platter we bought her we decided to make and decorate a cake.

Unfortunately Friday wasn't a good day for me baking-wise. My attempt at a Boston Cream pie looked more like an omlette when I flipped the cake onto the cooling rack. Lesson: don't forget to pre-heat the oven and make sure you put the batter immediately into the pans and into the oven if the instructions say to. I reluctantly threw out the "pie" and began a batch of chocolate cakes. After a little snag baking those I finally had two cake layers and Tom began to decorate. 

For a first timer, he did a great job. He started to get the hang of doing a shell border and is way better at centering his lettering than I am. His mom was very happy to receive the-one-of-a-kind cake. 

We celebrated her birthday yesterday, and enjoyed a seriously-delicious dinner of fresh pasta with garlic shrimp, prepared by the Tom, his brother, his dad, and a family friend. It was very entertaining to hear four men in the kitchen attempting to create this at the same time. For someone who doesn't eat shrimp, I ate all of the shrimp that were on my plate! Although I don't have the recipe, it seems fairly easy: shrimp sauteed in  butter, with parsley, lemon, 5 cloves of garlic, salt and pepper. Cherry tomatoes were thrown in at the end and that was served over warm, fresh pasta. 

Sadly, my one-week summer vacation has come to an end and tomorrow I start class full-time. I promise I'll try my best not to forget about the blog. 

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