Monday, January 9, 2012

Dear Monday: 1.9.2012

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Dear Monday: I wish I had known before the vacation that you were supposed to be my first day back at the high school, not last Monday. Sigh.... It would have been nice to have had an extra week of vacation, but I must carry on. I've decided that you will serve as my day off from training. Instead of running I will (hopefully) fill my head with physics and chemistry knowledge. Fun.

Dear Water bottle: I knew you were a big part of my life but I didn't realize how big until this weekend. I am so very sorry that I left you at the high school dance on Friday night. I think I was dehydrated most of the weekend because you weren't by my side. Saturday's 12-miler certainly didn't help. I promise to keep a better eye on you.

Dear Wilson: Why won't you be quiet? You are the most vocal cat I've ever met. If only I had minored in Cat instead of Spanish.... Also, dear kitty, I wish that I could sit down, in any chair, without having you come on my lap. You're cute, but it's really hard to eat, type, or read with you plopped down. You are quite a needy kitty. Or lonely. Maybe we need another!

Dear bowl of M&M's: If you aren't proof that my detox is over then I don't know what is.

Squash, butter, and sliced Almonds. 

Dear Tom: Thank you for always bringing humor into my life. No. That is not a butternut squash, but nice try.

I hope you all had a good start to the week. Anyone looking forward to anything in particular? 

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  1. I literally "Lol"'d at the butter/nut/squash. Before reading the little letter, I was all "...wha?" haha! And the better to have found out that you have more vacation than less, I suppose! I had to go back to work a day early by my own miscalculations! Happy new week!