Monday, July 16, 2012

NYC 2012: Week 2 Training

I'll start off by saying that I cannot remember the last time I drank the amount of water that I have been consuming over the last two weeks. The high temperatures and daily running leaves me constantly thirsty.

Last week's training went well (minus one day). You'll hear all about it below...

Total weekly miles: 36

My goals for the week were get in core/strength training at least twice and to follow the plan. I accomplished both!

I pulled out this fancy book that I got back in 2006. At that time I was supposed to follow the program in it to prepare me for the cross country season that fall. I hate to admit it, but I probably did only three workouts out of it that summer.

We no longer have Comcast, which means that I can't watch their fitness videos on OnDemand. It was so helpful to have this book and I was surprised to find it as we were unpacking. I did three days of strength training, following the three days of training for Week 1. Phew!! It's so awesome to have a strength training plan designed for runners, and one that I can (so far) do within the comforts of my own apartment.

As for the daily runs, I managed to get in some good workouts and found a running route that I enjoy. It turns out that DC might actually be hillier than Vermont. I feel like 45% of the time I am running uphill, 45% I am going downhill, and the remaining 10% of the time is on flat terrain. Hmm.....

Monday: A nice, easy 5 miler. I was trying out a new route, but thought I had missed a key road and turned around. Turns out I was one block away from the road I was looking for. I came back and tackled day one of the strength training program.

Tuesday: 7.6 miles and a speed day. Warmed up for 10 minutes before doing some intervals. The program called for a 400, 800, 1200, 1200, 800, and 400 with a 400m jog in between. However, I wasn't very good at locating the AU track and decided to just do intervals during my run. Instead of a 400, I ran 90 seconds. Instead of an 800, I decided to go with 3:20 minutes of running. And for the 1200m, I ran 5:00 instead. 

I did them a little slower (I hope) than 10k pace and felt wonderful. Each time I got to an interval it just so happened to be while I was running uphill. Therefore, I call it a speed and a hill workout day. 

Thursday: Another 5.75 miles. I finally made it to that street that I missed on Monday, but once on it, forgot how far down I was supposed to run before turning back home and cut in too soon. The run ended up being short so I added on a little around the apartment before doing another weight workout. 

Friday: Ran 5.7 miles, picking up the tempo to be under 8:00/mile. I finally nailed down that running route that I had been trying to do all week! It's funny how much longer loops feel to me than out and backs. When I got back I kept thinking that I had ran all over the city, and it felt like I had done more miles than I actually did. 

Saturday: Did the 5.7 mile loop again. It was hot. I came back and looked like I had ran through a sprinkler. It was another weight day, and I realized that I really need to get a pair of 5lb weights so I'm not struggling with my 10 pounders anymore.

Sunday: 6.8 miles? I guess not every run can go well for me. This was bad from the start. Tom and I planned to run toward and around the Mall, but our route was interrupted by many red lights. I wasn't feeling well and was very tired, and when that was combined with the red lights I got very frustrated. I had hoped to get in a solid 8, but it was 90 degrees and my body and mind just hated me. I turned home, defeated for the day.

 My goals for this week: 
1. Keep up with the strength training program
2. Follow the running program exactly, getting in a solid "longer run" next Sunday
3. Plan to go to a group run somewhere in the city, and actually do it!

This week, while I was running the speed workout, all I kept thinking about was how I wish I knew what my pace was and where the mile markers were. It's the first time that I've really, really wanted a Garmin. In the past I have been totally against them, believing that it is more beneficial to run based on how you're feeling for the day, not based solely on time. However, I think it is important that when you are following a training program that specifically asks you to do timed workouts, that you need to be able to do them. Perhaps, when I begin bringing in an income, I will not only buy a bike to get me around the city, but will treat myself to a Garmin? 

1. What do others think about out-and-backs versus loops?

2. Tell me your opinion about Garmins! Are you for or against them? 


  1. I prefer routes that are a big circle, lol. I live near the D&R Canal in NJ and there is a 30+ mile stretch of a towpath and I used to run my longer runs there but I got bored with running 6-7 miles out, then turning around and running it again...not a big deal but I like circle routes on the streets near me, lol. I LOVE my Garmin even though it blanked out on me for the first time right as I was about to do my long run yesterday. I was able to reset it so hopefully it was just a fluke. It is nice knowing your time/HR/cal/pace but sometimes it is nice to just run on how you feel. I have the Forerunner 210...a step up from the 110 but too cheap for the 405, haha. Nice training week! My run(s) yesterday felt like crap too...there is always today though! :)

    1. I would be in heaven to have 30 miles of path to run on, but I hear you on the boredom part. After a while it is nice to change up scenery. Thanks for the advice on the Garmin. I would have no clue where to even begin when deciding which one is best. And it's good to hear that you got yours to work again!

  2. hey get a garmin! I was totally against it but I got one for christmas and its really nice! I just got this one
    my friend Christine has it too and loves it (she was anti garmin too ;)
    Its just really nice to be able to not have to think about time/mile conversion while running and to not have to map out mileage before or after each run. Since it beeps when it hits every mile I try not to look at it until I hear the beep then Im not constantly looking at my watch too. It took a few weeks to really get into it but now I use it al the time. I cant wait to have it for my next marathon training!

    good job with the strength training! I have that book somewhere too :)

    1. Oohh thank you for the info on the Garmin! It sounds pretty awesome to not have to "think" anymore when running. My only fear is how dependent people get with their watches and I hope that if I were to get one I could survive still without it. I love the idea of only looking at it when it beeps. Have you taken out the strength training book since UVM? I remember how much I dreaded those workout days, but apparently I'm getting over it since I managed to open and use the book last week.

  3. Hey Danielle!! sorry to hear about the heat. It's not much better here in the Boston area. We might actually CANCEL a field trip to the beach tomorrow (at summer camp) because it might be...TOO HOT. I know, crazy.

    Well, you know I've never been REALLY serious about running, but I will say that I did a 5K a few years ago that was an out-and-back, and I really did not like it. It was super boring! Also it was in the middle of a road and there was nothing cool to look at, except for the people running in the opposite direction of you. I really love loops. I stick to a 2-mile loop 2-3 times a week and it's awesome. Some days I feel like I could do more, and others I feel like I can barely finish.

    I don't know about the Garmin thing! I totally do not time myself at all. The most I'll do is look at my iPod when I start and check the time when I finish!!!

    1. Oh Mongie - an out and back race does sounds pretty horrible if it isn't in a gorgeous area. I think I would get so distracted by all of the runners going by me and totally not be into the race. Was the beach trip cancelled? It's so hard to do anything when it is this hot out and only slightly makes me miss winter. But just slightly ;)