Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Weekend

I turned 25 this Sunday. Happy Quarter-Century to me! It was an awesome weekend. I really couldn't have asked for a better one. The weather was wonderful, and it's the warmest birthday I think I've ever had.

Here's the birthday in a nutshell...


  • Tom came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me!  

  • We drove up to Morrisville to see Tom's dad's band, In Kahootz, play. They were awesome and we enjoyed watching them play
  • Went for a 5-mile easy run
  • Met up with some UVM interns for dinner at the Skinny Pancake. I really love savory crepes. I ordered the Deja Vu, which is sausage, cheddar cheese, and apples in a crepe, drizzled with Vermont Maple syrup. Yum.
  • Headed to Bagito's for some coffee with the interns, and enjoyed some music from Montpelier's Jazz band.
  • Met up with Tom and watched him eat two tacos from Mad Tacos. He didn't make it in time for dinner with the interns.
  • Headed to the Savoy Theater (my first time there!) to see Albert Nobbs. What an interesting movie.....
  • Headed home to discover some Lake Champlain Chocolates and peanut butter cups under my pillow!! How sweet! (heh - literally!)

  • Woke up and immediately (I mean, I just turned off my alarm) received a package of Birthday Cake Oreos and a card from Tom
  •  Headed out for a 20 miler with my friend Rachel. We averaged 8:10 per mile and enjoyed a gorgeous morning. By the time we got back it was up in the 40s
  • Found a giant banner in our living room after my post-run shower
  • Took an hour nap by accident
  • Walked around Montpelier. I'm pretty sure everyone was out there. It was well into the 50s by the afternoon and few were wearing jackets
  • Met my dad, brother, and my dad's GF for dinner at Sarducci's. We were stuuuuffed when we left.

  • Came home to enjoy some of my dad's strawberry shortcake, to open gifts, and to hear a lot of hilarious stories. My dad seems to always have a good one to tell!

Wilson showed off his awesome high-five skills

The best part about birthdays are spending them with those that you love. It's too bad they only come around once a year!

Questions for you!
  1. Have you seen Albert Nobbs? If so, what did you think? If not, are you planning on it?
  2. What did you do in the warm weather this weekend?

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