Sunday, August 5, 2012

NYCM 2012: Week 5 Recap

I kicked up the mileage last week!

Total Weekly Mileage: 45.3

Monday: 6 miles at 8:14/mile. Since I can't remember anything about this run, it was probably a mediocre run.

Tuesday: 8.3 mile speed workout! Click Here to read the recap. Let's just say it was fun and a success. I do have speed in these legs of mine!

Wednesday: A much deserved rest day!

Thursday: 6 mile tempo at 7:45/mile. Perfect. These were the splits I wanted, which would put me on pace to run at my marathon PR. However, it felt like I was working harder than 7:45. The great thing about DC running is that most days are sunny. The bad part about DC running is that most days are sunny and thus hot. It's gross how sweaty I am after runs.

Friday: 7 miles at 8:27/mile. I dreaded the run before I left the door, which made for a very long run. Took it as a recovery day from Thursday's tempo and to prep for the weekend's mileage. Had a slow start but picked it up after 30 minutes to finish strong. The first three miles ended up being uphill, which may account for the slowness and difficulty in the beginning, but meant that downhill awaited me at the finish.

Saturday: 6 miles averaging 8:03/mile. Felt wonderful, but had to hold myself back in preparation for the longer run on Sunday. Decided to head into the woods and I was early enough to not encounter too many people also out on their Saturday runs.

Sunday: 12 miles averaging 8:11/mile. I had a dilemma this morning: Run early and miss the women's marathon or run later and miss Cananda's basketball game against Australia? Well, DVR saved the day. I was able to run early and DVR the marathon. I watched the first 10 miles of the race before heading out for my own run. And it occurred to me early on that the women would finish their remaining 16 miles before I finished my 12. Not the best feeling to have at the start of the race, but is certainly motivation to keep training.

The run felt alright. I took water with me and some delicious PowerBar gummies for fuel, which helped for my last half. By mile 9 I could feel my legs getting tired, and although I wanted to stop, I knew that I was at the crucial part of the run. One of the main facets of this training program is teaching yourself to run through fatigue. That way when you get to mile 20, 22, or 24 of the marathon you can rely on the training to power you through the finish. It worked, and by mile 11 I was charged up and had fought through the hard part.

So what about those weekly goals?
1. Follow the training plan exactly: Success!
2. Two core/strength training workouts two-three days apart: Check! Thursday and Saturday were core days. 

I've decided that at least for today, I do not want to make any goals for next week. I just want to run. We'll see what happens.

That's all for this week's recap. Hope everyone else's week of training went well!

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  1. Awesome week girl! :)) I watched a bit of the marathon too before heading out for my run. And I like your non-goal for next week...running just to run is so's good not to stress/be so fixated on times and pace every now and then. Have a great night! :)