Friday, November 2, 2012

Reality Check

So maybe I should have stopped for a moment before posting that last post. Yes. I am sad to not get the chance to run....


I have nothing to be sad about when I compare this cancellation to what the people in NYC are facing.  Their whole lives are on cancellation or post-pone-mode and at the moment of hearing the news I somehow neglected to speak of this or remind myself this. There's no doubt that once running, I would have felt awful being out there, seeing people who are trying to recover and get their lives going while I am trying to ....what.... run fast?

Not holding the race is a smart decision. My emotions were fueled by the timing of the cancelling. Please do not think for a moment that the race was more important than the cleanup efforts or the lives of those who live there. I felt that I needed to clarify that. My heart goes out to the city and the people.

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