Tuesday, November 27, 2012

That Didn't Last Long...

The Runner's World Holiday Run Streak has come to an end. After only FIVE days!


I didn't stop it because I was tired. Nope. I have plenty of energy. I didn't stop it because my legs hurt or feel heavy. Nope. They felt awesome last night on my mini run. I didn't stop it because I was worried about my hamstring. Nope. It was slowly getting better and I wasn't going to go crazy on it.

I stopped the streak because I can't talk! And talking is pretty important for my line of work. I mean, a teacher without a voice can't do too much.

This is the weirdest cold that I have ever had. It hasn't gone into my chest at all, but for some reason has stayed in my throat. The nasal drip is killing me. I can breathe fine, but that's because everything is going down my throat.

I'm drinking the tea - lemon tea with honey to be exact. I'm sipping on water constantly. I'm eating honey to soothe the throat, taking Cold-Eeze, and even gargled with salt water this afternoon. I don't want to go to the docs because the rest of my body feels so good, but I suppose we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

The streak has ended, and it was a pathetic streak because I was still recovering from the marathon. Here's how it looked:

Day one, 11/22: 1.3 miles - laugh out loud becuase you're going to slow, slow
Day two, 11/23: 2 miles - painfully slow
Day three, 11/24: 2 miles  - slooow
Day four, 11/25: 4 miles - finally got back to regular-run pace but had to work for it
Day five, 11/26: 2 miles at marathon pace!

My new goal, once I know that my body is in running condition again, will be to run through the entire month of December. A December Run Streak!


  1. Boo to your cold but you run so much u don't even need a streak. ;) feel better soon and I swear by kombucha tea. ;)

  2. I am sorry! I got a nasty cold over the weekend at my parent's house in OR. It is making me cranky!