Sunday, March 17, 2013

It was the Shoes!

Five months ago I would have thought that I would be on here today writing about a 15 mile run or how fast a tempo workout went.

But I am still recovering from my hamstring injury.

I am still going to PT and am still foam rolling. However, what has changed in the last three days is the pair of shoes I'm running and how much pain I am feeling.

On Friday I went back to a new pair of Asics GT-2170s and put away the Asics GT-2000s, which I had been wearing since October. If you do the math, that is about 5 months ago. When I got injured!!

After switching up the shoes I am now able to run practically pain-free on my runs. It is amazing! I ran each day over the last three days and didn't feel any pain!!

And yet, I am a little disappointing to find this out after so many months of horrible running. Nothing I can do to change those months so I have to focus on my current running. And on stockpiling as many Asics GT-2170s as I can find before they're all gone and I won't have a reliable running shoe. Argh. Who would have thought that a running shoe would make THAT much of a difference??

I've been working on increasing the weekly mileage bit by bit each week. Last week I had 24 miles and was happy to get in a decent weekend of mileage. Decent, because that would actually have been the type of mileage I would run daily while training in the fall. Ideally I would have more mileage on a weekend.

Baby steps. Baby steps. I have to keep reminding myself of baby steps.

Today I got in my first 8 miler in months and this week I got in 27 miles, which is the most mileage since the Philly Marathon! I'm happy. The goal for next week is to break 30 miles a week.

Again - baby steps.

I actually like that I am getting back into running just as spring is arriving. There are tons of little flowers and daffodils popping up all over the city. The trees are starting to bloom and I'm getting more and more excited for the cherry blossoms!

Speaking of cherry blossoms, Tom and I are both doing the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in three weeks from today. I'm hoping to get up to 10 miles in my training runs, build on some more mileage each week, and perhaps get in some speed workouts.

And the speed may be easy to get because I just took on an assistant coaching job at our high school and will be working with the track team! I love working with the kids. We (coaches) push them to push themselves and they inspire me to push myself harder! 


  1. I'm so happy that something as simple as new shoes is changing how it feels when you run! Hooray for a solution that is helping you out! So excited to read as your mileage increase! Woot!

    1. Thanks Kayla! It is so weird how our feet and legs get used to something. I've been using that model for 7 years so I guess I shouldn't be surprised to feel the effects of a change.

  2. Happy to hear that you might have solved your problem. Shoes really do make a huge difference! Baby steps are good, you are being super smart.

    1. Thanks Tasha! I really really hope this is the last thing I needed to do to finally get better.

  3. Be careful with your stockpiling! I just ordered 2 pairs of Saucony shoes from Amazon. This will be my 4th and 5th pair of Kinvara's in the last year, I'm definitely addicted!!