Sunday, September 15, 2013

NYCM 2013 Training: Week 11 Recap

Fatigue has set in folks! Most of the runs this week were a struggle. Sunday's race left my legs feeling like I had run an entire marathon and they took a few days to feel normal again. School is keeping me super busy. My daily schedule is as follows: Wake up, work, go to school and teach, cross country practice, home to finish my own run, dinner, shower, bed. There's no time for social media or blogging until Friday night and poor Tom and Wilson get very little of my attention :(

Total Weekly Mileage: 52 Miles

Monday: 5 miles at 8:10 pace
Holy sore-legs Batman! My legs got sorer and sorer as they day wore on and by cross country practice I was hobbling around. You know it's bad when you start to feel nauseous walking and running around. Even though I was in pain, I knew I wanted to do a shakeout run when I got home. The first two miles were tough/hilarious but my legs loosened up.

Tuesday: Day off
I decided that it would be fine to take my day off early since my legs were still sore and I had an insane teaching schedule. A post-XC practice saxophone lesson pushed me over and I called it a day.

Wednesday: 7.8 miles at 7:36 pace
I should have done an 8 mile tempo run on Thursday but I knew that we were supposed to get storms. My legs were still tired, so I cut my tempo short, only doing 6 miles. I don't particularly enjoy having to run so late at night and coming home in the dark. And it will only get worse the further we get into fall.....

Thursday: 15 Minutes Insanity with the team
An afternoon storm pushed us indoors and left us working out to Insanity.

PM run: 8 miles at 7:57 pace

Once the storms ended I headed out. I woke up with a cold this morning, and wasn't sure how hard to push myself. Took the miles easy.

Friday: 7 miles at 8:03 pace
Still. Have. Tired. Legs. The heat broke Thursday and left us with a much cooler day (70s vs. 90s). The woods were calling me and I started running early enough to get to them.

Saturday: 5 miles at 9:01 pace. 
If the kids don't have a meet then we head out for a long run. I ran between groups, getting in some easy miles.

Second run: 3 miles at 8:15 pace
This run was the most difficult of the week. I had serious doubts about a 16 miler on Sunday. I ran once I got home from practice and my body hated me the whole time.

Sunday Race Day: 16 miles at 8:02 pace 
It is amazing what a solid 9 hours of sleep will do for the body. For the first time this week, I woke up with energy and my legs were no longer sore. It was a gorgeous morning for a long run, which brought me by a pumpkin stand and a farmer's stand that Tom and I went back to later in the day.

I only brought one Gu and no water, but planned the route to go by a water fountain around mile 13. It wasn't until mile 11 that I started to feel the fatigue again. Normally that would make me frustrated, but I remind myself that it's good to run on fatigue on Sundays.

What I'm loving:
My Sauconys

I won a free pair of Saucony's a few weeks ago and have completed the last three weeks of training in them. I love them. They aren't tearing apart my heals like my Asics did, nor are my heals tearing apart the backs of these shoes like they did in the Asics. I find that I am tying them pretty tightly, but I love how my feet feel in them while running. I was a little bummed to get another white pair of sneakers (I love the neon shoes) but have finally moved on from that detail. 

I think I'm hooked. I'll definitely try another pair of Saucony next time I'm shoe shopping! 


  1. Great week of training as always. Glad you like the Saucony's, I'm a fanatic so I'm glad you have come over to the good side ;)

    1. I didn't realize you ran in them! Now that I've opened my mind up to them I spot them everywhere.