Monday, February 3, 2014

How I D-Y-I-ed Christmas

I totally understand that Christmas happened well over a month ago and that it seems a little silly to post this, but I wanted to share some of the DIY gifts I made this year. .

Personally, I love homemade gifts more so than the store bought one. I would rather receive a gift that was made from the heart rather that a fancy-schmancy $100 gift.  They also tend to be a lot of fun to make!

Last summer I started canning. My purpose was to give out the can as Christmas gifts. Guess who totally forgot to bring them up to VT with her? This girl. To quote Homer Simpson: "D'Oh!"

For the ladies on my list, I made soaps and lotion bars. So easy and quick to make! 

For my brother, I downloaded Instagram photos of his motorcycle and of the truck he restored last year  and had them printed on photo paper. I used decoupage to put them onto tiles, sprayed them with an acrylic sealer, and vwa-lah - had creative coasters! PS. My bro takes that absolute best photos on Instagram. He really knows how to set up a shot. 

My final homemade gift was a simple, clay ornament with the initial of the recipient. Of course, I totally did not take a photo (that would have been the smart thing to do), but if you're interested in them, check out the website I used for inspiration. I bought white, air-dry clay at Michael's, some red ribbon to hang them, and used letterpressed cookie cutters to cut and press the cookies. After a little sanding, they were ready to go. 

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