Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pastry Shops in Spain

One of my most favorite smells in the Spain was the smell of a pastry shop. The combination of all of the flavors and smells from the bread and pastries could be smelled across the street from the actual shop. Each day on my runs to the park I conveniently passed a pastry shop that released one of the strongest aromas in the city. It made my mouth water each time.

Every few Sundays I would treat myself to a pastry from that shop. I never quite remember the name but will always remember the location so when I return to Granada I can go there. I was looking through some of my old pictures today and they made my mouth water. I just have to post these, more for my recollection than for you. However, it's quite neat to see how pastries differ around the world.

One of the first pastries I tried. It's was like a crepe but filled with hardened chocolate.

These could be found in almost every pastry shop, but I only tried one. I forgot what the Spanish called them.

This was probably my most favorite. I bought it on my way to sit in the park one day. It was so light and fluffy. A bit like an eclair minus the chocolate.

These were pretty popular in the shops as well. Below is another take on the same pastry. It is very flaky and filled with chocolate.

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