Friday, March 6, 2009

The Red Onion

I went out to lunch today with Sara and her boyfriend. I always like seeing her. We usually go out for lunch or dinner and decided to try someplace new. I asked Tom's roommates for some names of good places in Burlington to go out for lunch. It always seems like the out-a-staters know the good places to eat better than me, a native Vermonter who has always lived within 25 minutes of Burlington

Doug told me about the Red Onion. Apparently they're very well known for their Red Onion sandwich. It's right on Church Street across from Town Hall and definitely worth a stop. It's a nice little deli with amazing looking sandwiches. I probably would have been very satisfied with whatever sandwich I chose, but I decided to go with their Red Onion on Honey Oat bread.

I'm not usually a fan of sandwiches, but I was a huge fan of this one. So many different flavors and textures were going on in my mouth (in a good way!). They make their own bread! How cool is that. The two pieces of bread were loaded with shredded turkey, crispy bacon, sweet apples to compliment the red onions, smoke gruyere cheese and a dried tomato mayonnaise - all toasted, all delicious. It was a bit messy since they fill up that sandwich to give you what you pay for, but I could deal with a messy face since it meant pleased taste buds and a full tummy.

We stopped by Lake Champlain Chocolates after (my favorite store on Church Street). I can't tell you the emotions I feel when I walk into a store with counters lined with chocolate just waiting for me to try, and fresh fudge being worked in the window. I am a chocoholic and there's no denying it. I love how they give out free samples in the shop. I tried their Hazelnut Praline chocolate and that was so good! My taste buds have finally graduated from Hershey's and know how to taste the chocolate for the flavors of chocolate and added surprises, and not the sugar that Hershey is made of (that's a huge step for me!)

I really enjoyed my time with Sara and our roaming around. It's warming up now. Earlier this week it was around zero. Actually some mornings it was below. Today it was around 40, but cloudy and super windy. I like the warmth though. I could smell smells in the air that I couldn't smell before because they were frozen in place. But I'm wondering if I'm just more sensitive to them because I might be coming down with a cold (thank you to half of the UVM student body for being sick this week....)

I am now officially on my last ever undergrad spring break. Unlike last year when I had a freaking amazing time traveling countries, running in Rome, and enjoying Chocolate in Belgium, I will be in Vermont, hopefully running still (to keep training for the marathon) and working at Hannies.

And I plan on working on my cross stitch. America's Next Top model started and I forgot all about it so I have some shows to catch up on!!!

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