Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stitching Update

I've actually had a lot of time in the last week to work on my cross stitching but I just can't finish that first page. The color changes are almost ridiculous. I get done one stitch and it's on to a new color. Like I told one of my roommates on Sunday, I spend more time threading the needle than actually stitching.

But here's what I have so far.

I've been able to follow my training program for the marathon the last two weeks and I'm actually feeling great. I went out for a 14 mile run on Sunday, and besides one minor issue, I felt great. My legs were sore for the last few miles but afterward I wasn't nearly as sore as I was last week after my run. Now that I'm running so much I'm constantly hungry. One thing I enjoyed about the winter months was that I spent less money on food because I consume about half as what I'm eating now.

Hopefully for my next post I'll be able to have page one completed. But how long have I been saying that?

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