Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I love coming home to surprises - like the bouquet of flowers that greeted me when I got home from a bachelorette party on Sunday. Tom's such a gentleman!

Question: Am I spelling bachelorette wrong or does spell check not recognize this word? 

Our peppers are looking great, all except for one of the plants: the chocolate pepper plant. This was the one I was most interested in since I love chocolate in general. It's the tallest plant out of all of the species we have, but it doesn't have a pepper growing, nor has it had any flowers. Maybe it's just not the year for it...

Our Islander pepper is now a deep violet!

The Italia is looking great!

My next question: When can I pick these? Last year we grew a pepper plant at my dads. However, the blight hit, I got extremely frustrated when I had to throw away all of the tomato plants, and I forgot all about picking the giant pepper that grew. I imagine we'll be able to pick ours quite shortly.

Oh yes, one more thing - we picked our second tomato last night! Three more are light orange. I need to be patient and let them fully ripen before I grab them off the vine. 


  1. hahaha you are funny! that's how i spell bachelorette!

  2. Spell check says it's wrong ALL the time but it will never give me a suggestion. Thanks for reassuring me :)