Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Farmer's Market

I woke up to this  morning to the sounds of the heat turning on in our apartment and geese flying overhead outside. Geese this time of the year means one thing: winter is on the way. I was even more assured of this when I checked my phone and saw that it was a chilly 33 degrees outside. 

After Tom woke up we made our way down to the farmer's market. This is one of the last weeks it will be outside before winter. There were tons of fruit and veggies, including apples and apple cider.

We picked up some corn, peppers, and beans (we didn't get any in our CSA this week) and made our way to the flower lady. She's had gorgeous bouquets all summer and I've eyed them every week. Today they were so colorful and pretty! Tom must have thought so too because he insisted that I pick out a bouquet so he could buy it for me. What a guy!  

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