Saturday, August 27, 2011

Holy Onion, Batman!

I don't anticipate buying much when I go to the farmer's market but it's been difficult over the last few weeks.  Everything seems to be in season.

Especially the onions! I spotted this baby last Saturday and knew I had to have it! It cost a whopping $4, but seriously, have you ever seen such a GIANT onion? 

And an onion this large calls for one thing. ONION RINGS!

Before you even dismiss the thought of onion rings you need to stop! Actually GO! Go out to your nearest supermarket and get Don's Chuck Wagon Onion Ring Mix. I grew up on this stuff and have never tasted a better onion ring. In fact, one of our friends, who dislikes onions very much, found herself heading back to the plate of rings. They're that good. 

Tip 1: Salt them immediately after they come out of the fryer.
Tip 2: Let them sit for about 3 minutes on paper towels (to get rid of the extra oil and allow them to cool).
Tip 3: Consume IMMEDIATELY! There's no need to wait until the rest of your meal has finished cooking. Waiting even 30 minutes may cause them to get soggy. There's nothing worse than a soggy onion ring. 

Sorry I don't have any photos of the onion rings. My mind was too distracted with crunchy deliciousness to even think about taking one. 

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