Friday, April 6, 2012

Boston 2012: Athlete Alert and Training

Next weekend I'll head down to Boston for the event I've been talking about since I signed up last fall. The Boston Marathon!!

Right now you can sign up for Athlete Alerts - alerts that you'll receive every time I (or whoever you're following) run over specific timers on the course. You can't run with me, but you can definitely keep tabs on my journey.

If you're interested in signing up for a text or email alert, head over to Boston's Athlete Alert signup site. My bib number this year is 12622.

Training wasn't so hott last week. Although I was specifically referring to the quality and experience of my runs, you could include the weather in there as well. We were no longer in the 70's and 80's, but were back into the 30-40-50 degree weather ranges.

Monday's run was slow. Tuesday's run was plagued by some odd pain in my left quad. On Thursday I think I would have benefited from a nap because my mind was in no condition to go running (even though my legs finally were!). Saturday was the only real quality day of running, and Sunday was a nightmare.

Sunday's run started out fine (after I procrastinated for 3 hours). It was my last "long" run before the marathon. By mile 6 I was a gonner. My heels were in so much pain because of my sneakers that I couldn't stand in them without wanting to cry. If I had had a cell phone I would have called Tom to pick me up. But I didn't. I was 6 miles away from home.

It finally occurred to me that if I removed the foam insoles of the shoes and used only my orthotics for support that  it would take away a few millimeters of height and could possibly ease my pain. It worked.

I hobbled home. Slowly. I was not having fun anymore. I kept blaming it on the clouds (I missed those warmer days from mid-March) and my lack of lunch (thanks to my procrastinating). If there is anything that the last two long-run-failures have taught my is the importance of taking the time to make a really good meal before I run, and that I will no longer buy a pair of Asics shoes. Our 7 year relationship has come to an end.

This is a new week and so far has been going better. This also marked the first real week of my taper!! Not only am I running less, but I am forcing myself to go to bed super early and am allowing myself naps after school. 

Question for the Readers: What brand of sneakers do you run in? 


  1. hey girl! I am so excited for you for Boston! Sorry your run was sucky, Asics have a really tight heal and a big toe box so I had to switch out too. Right now I have saucony and also wear brooks and LOVE them, LOVE. I am sure your race will be awesome. Don't forget to sunscreen it up this year! Gotta love those one sided sunburns ;). I think its a good sign if you don't feel great the few weeks before, it keeps you in check. As long as there is no injury pain. I cant wait to follow the race, good luck!!!!

  2. Thanks Tessa!! I'll definitely have to check out Saucony. And the sunblock will be the first thing I pack this year. hehe :)