Sunday, April 22, 2012

Boston 2012: The Race through Tom's Eyes

I will never be fast enough to know what it's like to have a helicopter following you as you run, or to run behind a van with cameras the whole time. Because of this, I had a lot of fun looking at Tom's photos from Boston that showed what does go on at the front of the race.

Women leaders at Mile 23. Sharon Cherop, the eventual women's race winner, is the one in red. 

Water station - clearly this is early in the race. Two cups on the ground isn't bad. 

Police escort for the male leader

Tom said this van was loaded with cops. They were prepared for anything. 

What a fun job! And so much easier than running...  

Men's winner: Wesley Korir

Do you think this guy gets tired of standing like that? Maybe he trains for it while we're getting our training runs in.

Look at his stride! I am so jealous!

Alright, now onto the other runners. These may not be elite runners, but they made sure they stood out in their own way. 

Showing his patriotic side

REALLY showing his patriotic side. How the heck was he able to run in that in such heat?! 

Minnie made an appearance. Again, how were people able to run in leggings?

The guy below was dressed like a "nerd"

Tom and the rest of the spectators were super excited to find Waldo. I think the guy running next to him was surprised to find him as well!

No exciting outfits here, just an excited Dani!

And for the last photo, I will leave you with Hamburger man. Who passed me. That's as bad as the banana that passed me in the Vermont City Marathon. Ugh! Talk about embarrassment!

P.S. Did anyone else notice he had a Ben & Jerry's sticker on his bottom bun?

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