Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boston 2012: Marathon Morning in Tom's Eyes

I love giving Tom my camera, especially on Marathon morning. I find it really neat to see how someone else views the world, especially Tom. His view is sometimes very entertaining.

He had the camera on Monday and was left on his own when we said our goodbyes at 6:30. Just like last year, he roamed around the city, made his way to the finish line, and then nabbed a spot on the course. Below are a few of the shots he was able to catch.

Paying tribute to another state's capitol

So cute!



I laughed out loud when I saw this! Does this man really ride this to work? I also thought it was hilarious that Tom would manage to catch him and take a photo.

Final preparations for the finish line area

The fine folks that take our photos at the finish

The best seats in town! Makes sense that people were here so early to get them.

I definitely missed all of these when I finished.....
Stay tuned for part two: Tom's photos of the race, including the elite runners and unique running apparel.

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