Thursday, December 13, 2012

NWM Half to Come!

Hi all! I am still alive - kind of? I've been sick for three weeks. BUMMER! There is a good chance that I was almost recovered last weekend but that I caught something new early this week. I guess that is what working at a middle school does to you. Needless to say, I have done very little running.The run streaks that I had hoped for are long gone and I am beginning to feel really out of shape.

Good news though! Tonight I found out that I get to run the Nike Women DC Marathon Half in April. Now tell me, why can't they switch it around to read "Half Marathon"? I had to double check - no triple check - to make sure that I was NOT signing up for a full marathon.

Of course, my first question was "How do I train for a half marathon?" I've run a few already, but never seriously trained for one like I do when I train for marathons. I loved the Hanson plan and loved the mileage. They have a half-marathon plan, but I still want more mileage! Oh gosh. Perhaps I'll tweak the plan once I actually start it.

Last night I could have signed up for the DC Rock 'n' Roll half while they were having a 12/12/12 sale, but I said no. I was feeling so gross and tired last night that there was no cell in my body that wanted to think about running or signing up for a 13.1 mile race. I am soooo ready to be done with this sickness/cold/whatever it is and cannot wait to be back out there running!


  1. Aww girl, that sucks! 3 weeks!? I sure hope you feel better soon and get to enjoy your weekend. That would be cool if you got into the NWM and it does read confusing btw, lol. I've only "raced" one 1/2 and didn't really have a concrete training plan. I have run (as I know you have) so many 13.1+'s though, completing it wouldn't be an issue but perhaps a more solid plan that could help make me faster would be beneficial, lol. ;) Positive healing vibes being sent your way!

    1. Thanks! I am feeling slightly better today (*knockonwood*). It's so easy to let half-marathon training slide for the same reason you said. We run it all the time! The goal is definitely to knock off a minute or two off the time and get back into the shape I was in during marathon training. Will you be doing a 1/2 this year? I find them to be the most fun distance to run!

  2. Congrats on getting into the race!!!! I am sure that it will be a lot of fun :-)