Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And so I bought a foam roller

I was the last runner to get a Garmin last week. I was also the last runner to buy a foam roller. But the foam roller is what the doctor ordered and so here I am.

Even though I have reduced my mileages SIGNIFICANTLY over the last two months (thanks to teaching and being sick for all of December), my hamstring injury from October was not getting any better. Last week I finally called a PT/Chiropractor to take care of it and tonight was our first appointment.

He's thinking that I have a build up of scar tissue in my hamstring from the injury, preventing the muscles from sliding by each other correctly and causing pain. It's not serious pain by any means, but I don't want to think about it anymore. I don't want to have to worry about it getting worse. We have started a treatment to rid of the scar tissue, and he's given me things to do at home each day.

For instance.... the foam roller will be my best friend for 10 minutes each day.

So will ice packs. Except I used my ice pack for lunch yesterday and forgot to put it in the freezer. Right now me and the box of frozen butter are becoming best friends. Ewww...maybe I'll go switch to peas like less crazy people do.

He also said no running. Dang.

At first he said that I could run as long as it doesn't get worse. Of course I wanted to clarify - "You mean, even if I have some pain I'm ok to run, just as long as that pain isn't any worse than it is now?" D'OH! Shouldn't have done that. The answer was no. Do not run if there is pain, especially if you feel in at the start of my run. Which I do.

I'm cleared to bike and do an elliptical as long as those don't cause any pain. Problem is I HATE going to gyms! AHHH!

I must be patient and must follow the treatment plan, but it is hard. I have two races for April, one (possibly) for May, and I have decided to the NYC Marathon in November. I just want to ruuuun!

Anyway. That is the story. I thought I would update all of you since I haven't been on here for a while to talk about running. It was somewhat happening, but by no means anything exciting to share.

Hope you are having a good Wednesday!


  1. woohoo yeah for the marathon in november! and the one in may ;) but booo for no running. Foam rollers are good though I have one, hiding under the bed somewhere. Heal up soon!

  2. I hope that this clears faster now that you will be rolling it up! I love my roller and try to use it 3-4 times a week. If you can stand the not running and not cheat I bet it will be a quick recovery!

  3. Oh girl! I feel for you, I really do! I use to run so much, (nothing like you of course) but my knee started bothering me a few years ago and I haven't been able to run the way I use to. I still get a run or two in a week but I have started doing other workouts than just running. It was so hard for me at first because running is just what I did. I ran 5x a week and it was my form of meditation. I used the foam roller as well and unfortunately it didn't help me :( I wasn't very regimented about it though. I also notice that my knee acts up this time of year when it's cooler and rainy and it's better in the spring and summer, go figure.
    I have to admit that there are things that are fun to do at the gym. Like you, I can't stand just walking or running on a treadmill. I see a trainer with my girlfriends and we do these fun bootcamp workouts. They are fun, challenging and the hour just flies by, plus they're a full body workout, so you really feel great after.
    Take it easy and know that this is temporary. People heal and you will be running again soon. Just ice and use that dang roller and take a break from the running. xoxo, Jackie