Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Then and Now

Two photos. Same place. Different years.
Meet the 2006 Dani and the 2013 Dani.

One was taken in 90 degree weather after a thunderstorm, the other in 48 degree weather and wind. 

In one I am a sophomore in college, planning to go to med school, and am fascinated by the city. In the other I have graduated from grad school, am a teacher, and am still fascinated by this city. 

In one I call Vermont home, the other, I call both Vermont and DC home.

In both I have Tom as my photographer and tour guide :)

I wonder what my life will be like next time I take photo in this spot...


  1. That's awesome, I have a few shots like this (same spot different year). Amazing to see how much we change and where life has taken us!