Sunday, June 2, 2013

Looking Forward: NYC Marathon 2013 and Summer Running Goals

People keep asking me what I am going to do this summer now that the last week of school has arrived. My plans include cleaning and organizing for the next year of teaching, hitting up the library every other day to get a new book, cooking lots of dinner for Tom to make up for this whole year of dinners he cooked, and to train again for the NYC Marathon.

I am going to go with the Hanson plan once again this summer. I also have a few goals to go along with it.

  1. Wake up when Tom gets up so I can get out the door by 7am each morning and do my runs. No waiting until 9 or 9:30. Last summer was too hot and I was stupid for not completing early morning runs before the heat hit.
  2. Race this summer. I want to get in some 5ks. And with that.....
  3. Get a PR in the 5k.

Yeah, that's a big one. I have been OK with my 5K PR since I got it during my junior year of college. Then this spring I realized that I am so capable of a better one. I'll need to get in speed. And I'll need to make sure I'm over with the hamstring injury.

Three weeks ago I had an intensive Graston treatment that left my leg QUITE bruised, but made it feel 10x better than before.

I haven't run since last Sunday, and don't plan on running until Saturday. I've already noticed a lot of the little veins that popped up this winter (after the treatment) are gone, and so I hope that means that the area is finally healing itself. Tomorrow I go back to PT for my two week check-in, and hopefully one of the last treatments.

I'm trying to be smart now so I can get the results I want. I hope it'll be a good summer of training and that I can continue to see my times go down. But for now, I'm staying busy with final exams and end of the year packing!


  1. Congrats on getting into NYC! Definitely a race I would love to run someday.

  2. That bruise is massive! I can't wait to see how your training goes - I need to pick a goal race to get myself super motivated!

  3. Congrats on NYC, I'll be there cheering for everyone! :) Hope that bruise heals up quick! Good luck with finals as well!