Sunday, August 11, 2013

NYCM 2013 Training: Week 6 Recap

What a wacky week I had for running! I had two appointments in the morning that required fasting after midnight and was finally fed up with some ankle pain that started a few weeks back. The good news: I'm in Vermont for a week which means clean air, beautiful scenery for my runs, and more than enough hills on my routes to challenge me.

Total Weekly Mileage: 39 Miles

Monday: 6 miles at 7:46 pace
This run followed a 12 mile run from the Sunday before, and my legs were feeling the effects of it. Took it slower than I have taken these easy days.

Tuesday: Unplanned Rest Day - 
My Achilles/ankle woke me up a few times in the night. I haven't mentioned it on here, but it's been bothering me for three weeks. Decided to take a rest day. I know I should have taken more, but it's not bad and usually eases up after a mile. I iced throughout the day and foam rolled to my calves loosen them. 

Wednesday: rest day

Tempo Thursday: 8.2 miles: 7 mile tempo, 1 mile cool down. Total run at 7:17 pace. Arm workout.
Taking the two days off ended up being a great move to make my legs feel refreshed. The lower right leg was tight for the first mile, which I took a little slower. I took off for the next 6 miles, flying through the 7 mile mark at around 50 minutes. The tempo made me want to run a 10K to see what my actual race time would be for that distance. There's still a chance that this could happen before the summer's end....

Friday: 6.3 miles at 7:47 pace, squats, lunges, hip flexors, and core workout. 
Had to fast in the morning to go to some medical tests. This meant that by the time I got back home, had breakfast, and got ready, it was about 12:00pm and in the mid 80s. I headed into the woods for the run and was refreshed by the breeze and the shade. I swear, running here in DC is so much easier to do than in Vermont: So many routes and options and actual trails that make it safer than battling with the cars for the road.

Saturday: 10 miles at 8:01 pace
We woke up in Vermont, but after a midnight landing. I was definitely tired from lack of sleep and made the bad decision to go out without having breakfast. My belly was completely empty by mile 5! The clean air was so great and it was interesting to see how the town has changed over the years since I ran those same routes in high school and college. I have turned into such a baby and had goosebumps for a while in the beginning - and the temp was still in the mid 60s. I think my dad and brother would pick on me if they found out how wimpy I am now!

Sunday: 8 miles at 8:09 pace, squats & lunges
On the VT to do list: buy a foam roller to keep here. My legs were sore and the hammy was bothering me significantly in the first mile. I took an easier pace in the beginning to work into a faster pace by the end. Another gorgeous, cool morning in Vermont made better by the fact that I had a regular breakfast before lacing up the shoes.

We headed up to Tom's camp today for a peaceful afternoon and celebrated National S'mores Day one day late by eating three s'mores each! Thank goodness we're both training!


  1. Sorry about your ankle pain- I hope that its nothing. Glad that you took a rest day, even if it was unplanned. I didn't know that there was a national s'mores day. Now I am bummed that I didn't participate!

  2. Great week of training- sending positive vibes about the ankle! Hope you are having a great time in VT!!

  3. Nice times! I nominated you for the Liebester award ( See my blog post tomorrow) I love reading about your runs!