Sunday, December 22, 2013

Back Home - A VT Icestorm

Tom and I left DC yesterday morning when it was 54 degrees. When we drove through NYC it was 61. By the time we made it to the Champlain Valley it was 30 degrees and we were in the middle of an ice storm.

Welcome home! Winter is certainly here!

There will not be a lot of running. There's is over a half-inch of ice and the roads are little too slippery for my liking (don't even talk about sidewalks - they don't usually exist in a VT winter). Good thing I'm only at the start of marathon training - I would be going bonkers if I had to take two days off in the middle of training.

Instead of running, Tom and I took a walk this morning. We were only out there for 10 minutes yet saw/heard two trees fall. The poor things can't hold up the extra weight of the ice.

I suppose its time to clean off the car.

Or to make fudge.

Or to do nothing - cause that's what this weather calls for. 


  1. Though it is not an ideal weather situation it really is pretty! Enjoy the time inside with your family!

  2. Holy cow! So much ice!!! Smart not to run in that- ice is just not something I am willing to mess with.

    Hope you had a great stay at home for the holidays!