Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

I have that U2 song stuck in my head because it really is a beautiful day out there. It's 50 degrees, sunny, and only a very slight breeze. So slight I don't actually remember there being one on my run.

I Just got back from a 12 mile run with Tom. We were cruising right along. I needed him to come with me so that it was a workout. I wasn't too sure that I'd last since yesterday I could barely walk up my own stairs after doing so much lifting at work (I even fell asleep at 8:20 last night because I was so tired). But Tom and I did it, and I felt great. Except for the last 6 minutes because we stopped at his house and I took too long to get started, which meant my legs had time to stiffen up (which they did).

My goal of getting the first page of my cross stitch done over spring break wasn't met. Doh! I have to stop baking. I get so distracted by looking at all of those cooking blogs and and by baking new recipes that I forget to do stuff that really needs to be done (like cleaning my room). But here's an update. I have made progress from my last posting on it.

Tonight I'll do my anatomy exam and then watch the Women's America East Basketball Championship game on TV since my roommates are playing in it (Go Courtnay and May!). I'm impressed they made it this far, and really hope they win tonight. They've put so much work into this season (and the other 2 as well). They definitely deserve it. But now it's shower time for me. Adios!

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