Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mustang Cake

I was quite busy last weekend with two cake orders. One for myself, and the other for a co-worker.

My brother turned 21 on Monday. Happy Birthday to Mike! I've known for months what type of cake I was going to make for him. He's worked on 3 Mustangs over the last few years and I knew that his current one would make an awesome cake. It was my first attempt at making a 3D cake and it wasn't nearly as bad as I had feared it would be.

His "real" mustang - not the cake version

I decided to use a new yellow cake recipe. Lesson 1: If the cake smells ready, it probably is. No matter how far you are into cooking, it's always good to take a peek at the inside of that oven. I slightly burned the top but was able to scrape most of it off. Sadly, because of the hint of burnt-ness, I wasn't able to fully judge the recipe. 

I let the cakes sit overnight before I started to shape and frost them. Thanks to Facebook and Google I was able to get a general idea of the Mustang's shape. 

Next step was fondant. Lesson #2: lather your hands up extremely well with Crisco before dyeing fondant. Hands without Crisco look like hands that just murdered someone. Luckily I didn't have any hands to shake for a few days.

The details came next. So did lesson #3: Always wash your hands before handling a different colored fondant. Never go directly to white after handling red. Also - make sure to center your cake and anything on it. 

The car came together quickly. My last step was the wheels. They were made out of rice crispy treats covered in black fondant.

Mike enjoyed the cake. After having a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse we enjoyed the cake in their parking lot. It's always great to spend time with family.

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