Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow Day Book Recommendation

If you don't live in VT then you may not have experienced the warmth and rain that came with this weekend. While I was getting excited at the prospect of seeing grass, I think Mother Nature was just making room for the snow we were going to receive today.

If you don't live in VT then you didn't have to shovel yourself out this morning, and are probably at work right now.

Tom says we got over 17". Drifts of snow were up to my car windows. Needless to say, I'm stuck. Tom and I helped shovel and push our neighbor's car out of the driveway but now have to rely on the plow guy to get the rest of us out.

After spending an hour outside I'm back in the warmth, enjoying a delicious Lake Champlain Chocolates hot chocolate and have Wilson on my lap trying to steal some. I'd be reading A Homemade Life, by Molly Wizenberg if only I hadn't finished it last night. 

I loved this book! Not only do I enjoy it because I can't get enough of reading food blogs, but also because I can relate to where she's coming from. After father died of cancer she moved to Paris to work on her dissertation. She realized that her heart wasn't into graduate school but rather the food and the memories that come along with it. She ends each chapter with a recipe related to that section and I want to try just about all of them! 

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