Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our first CSA!

It's been a while since I posted and I blame it in part on our last minute vacation to Spain. We were there for a week and it's been difficult to get out of vacation mode since we got back.

We got our first CSA delivery this Wednesday from Pete's Greens! If you know me then you know that I'm not a huge fan of fruits and veggies. However, I thought that I would use the CSA as a challenge and a way for me to increase my daily intake.

In this first delivery we got mixed greens, red butterhead lettuce, garlic scapes, green wave mustard greens, sage, chiogga beets, and frozen red peppers. They didn't say we would get any, but we found a bag of spinach as well. I'm not complaining because I LOVE spinach!. I had never heard of garlic scapes, never seen mustard greens, and never eaten a beet I enjoyed, but decided to be daring on my first salad and added the scapes and beets.

BIG mistake! Although the beets look really cool, my taste-buds didn't agree. And although the info on the scapes said they could be eaten raw, I highly recommend using them in cooking instead. So now starts the summer of trying new veggies and being creative with recipes.

1. Does anyone have experience with a CSA? How were you able to eat all the veggies that came in it?

2. I don't want to give up entirely on beets. Does anyone have any great beet recipes?

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  1. Roasted beets are yummy, or I can give you a great borscht recipe!