Saturday, May 28, 2011

And then the Water Came....

It's been quite a week for weather in Central Vermont. Thursday night we had tornado warnings and I had my eyes scanning the sky my whole drive home from my little cupcake. My efforts weren't of any use since it was raining too hard to see anything.

When I got home I was home alone as Tom was at HOBY. Me and Wilson kept each other company throughout the 5 hours of thunder and lightening. At 10:00pm I looked out my window and discovered that our street had turned into a RIVER!

Friday AM: The water  here is usually 5 ft (or more?) below the road

Luckily our road was dry by the time I woke up Friday, however, not all of Montpelier was dry. I went on a quick walk to take photos before work. It's too bad I didn't have rain boots cause I missed the submerged car in Julio's parking lot.

The submerged car is up ahead, however, I turned back at this point

The only washed out road I saw on my way to work. 

On my way to work there were a lot of trees down, washed out driveways, and even a washed out section of the road itself. I got to work 5 minutes early and was really proud of myself. When I walked in I noticed some wet carpeting, but didn't think twice until I turned the corner and saw people carrying computers from our office and realized that my shoes were now soaking wet. The basement of the hospital had flooded and there was 4 inches of water in our office.  Needless to say it made for quite an interesting day at work. Many staff were unable to make it in as their own roads were washed out or still under water.

"Yes we're flooded thanks for asking"

Montpelier wasn't hit as bad as other areas like Barre or Plainfield, but it still looks strange to see mud on the streets and dust in the air. As far as I know no one was seriously injured, thank goodness! Thunderstorms have been hitting here every afternoon/evening since Thursday. I can't wait for sunshine and flowers again!

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