Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Changes: Back to School Time for Dani!

I have to warn all of your that I may be MIA for periods over the next nine months. I'm returning to school full time next week. I'll be getting my Master's and a license to teach high school science, which I'm very excited about.

It was a busy week last week (hence no CSA post) as I had dinners with co-workers and said my goodbyes. Friday I said my final goodbyes to the folks at CVMC. It was sad to leave them because they're really wonderful people and some feel like extended family. However, I know I'm making a good choice to return to school.

When I got home from work Tom was waiting in the kitchen with a bouquet of flowers from Botanica, and some delicious treats from La Brioche. I'm so lucky to have him :)

We split the treats after dinner. I don't know what they were called, but they were good. The tart had a variety of things in it, including some dried fruit and hazelnuts. The other was a salted caramel mousse of some sorts. YUM

P.S. My favorite thing about this bouquet is the blue flowers and the little curly thing! I also love that they don't look like typical grocery store flowers, and instead look like I could find them in people's gardens outside! I also love that Tom supported a new local business! Go VT!


  1. Are they delphiniums? I love those, too! What a nice thing for Tom to do. =)

  2. Maybe they are! I'm really horrible with flowers.