Saturday, October 22, 2011

Vermont Tourist

Two weekends ago we had a great friend visit us from DC. It was a weekend full of food, mucho site seeing, and great memories. Vermont was a little late with the colors this fall, but when they came they were beautiful. Unfortunately, she only got to catch only a little bit of their magnificence at the end of her trip.

Day one consisted of a ride through the mountains as we made our way toward Bristol. We had a delicious meal at a Taste of India in Middlebury before heading home for the night. 

Day two consisted of a visit to the new my little cupcake bakery in Burlington, some time on the waterfront, and then a trip to the Hackett's Apple Orchard in South Hero.

It is impossible to leave an orchard without trying an apple on the spot!

It's also impossible to leave without a fresh cider donut. Yet another reason why it's great to come to Vermont in the fall.

On Sunday we took an afternoon ride up to Stowe to see the beautiful foliage. The trees were finally starting to wake up! (well.... I suppose they're actually going into hibernation mode). 

We hit up the Cabot cheese shop and the Lake Champlain shop for free samples on the way up, and then stopped at Ben & Jerry's on the way down for a pre-dinner dessert. I must admit that I was a little bummed to see that Schweddy Balls was not on their menu. How can the most popular Ben & Jerry's scoop shop not carry this flavor? Especially when their website directs us to scoop shops to enjoy it. Has anyone else gotten their hands on a pint? You'd be my best friend if you could deliver one to me ;)

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