Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet Surprise

I got home from school today and found an awesome surprise waiting for me. No, it wasn't the Praxis study book in the Amazon box. It was what was inside the bag.

Talk about cupcake deliciousness! Tom was in Fairfax this morning and stopped at Eastman's Bakery after hearing about this bakery a few nights ago. He brought home a Cookies n' Cream cupcake that included a chocolate center, crushed Oreo buttercream and topped with an Oreo. Yum!

I tried really hard to wait until Tom got home so we could share the cupcake, but I only lasted a half hour! I am SO weak when it comes to chocolate.

You will be happy to hear that I managed to only eat half of it. And I will force myself to stay away from the remaining half so he can have it when he comes home from work. But he better hurry.....

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