Monday, January 16, 2012

Hot Chocolate Heaven

Last year I posted about the "Jacques Torres" Chocolate Chip cookies I made. I put his name in quotation marks because I wasn't using his chocolate. Someday I will splurge and buy some to bake with, but for now I continue to use Nestle.

I saw Mr. Chocolate on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday (I so wish I could meet this man!). They did a segment, "The secrets of hot chocolate," and in it he was whipping up some mugs of hot chocolate. I can only imagine how amazing his hot chocolate must taste. While I was watching  (and drooling over it) I got thinking about how much hot chocolate Tom and I have, and how sad it is that we don't drink it as often as we should. 

Tom bought this in December but we haven't tried it yet. 

No hot chocolate is complete without marshmallows and a good book to read. I'm currently reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It was about zero degrees yesterday which made it a great excuse to sit back with a mug of chocolate and The Wilson on my lap. This morning it was -14. An even better excuse to stay inside, but today is in-service for the Montpelier teachers.

Question for the readers: What is your favorite hot chocolate? Do you add anything besides marshmallows?


  1. yummm! Well, we recently added a little whipped cream VODKA to really warm us up ;)I wish we have some good stuff but just the price chopper brand.

  2. MMmm I need to get some of that!!