Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Running Life

Most of the time I talk about food or dessert on this blog, but running is also a huge part of my life. So I thought I'd take you on a little tour of our house and show you a few things that motivate me to lace up my shoes each day.

First stop: My brand new, super awesome medal holder that my bro got me for Christmas (you can get one from Running on the Wall). I never knew what to do with the medals so they just sat in a tangled-up pile on my dresser. My favorite medals are on the  ends: one from Rome and the other from Boston. Next to it is a finisher's certificate and a photo that Tom gave me for Christmas. 

Now let me take you to our refrigerator door. Here you'll find my training schedule. I'm more motivated to go for a run if the schedule is in plain view. If you notice, I like to do lower mileage than most marathoners, mainly because of my schedule. The training has been ahead of schedule (compared to last year), but I had a down week last week due to weather and studying for the Praxis. 

The most important stop on this mini tour is my computer. I keep two running logs: runningahead.com (which I've had for YEARS) and my newly created account on dailymile.com. Dailymile is fun because it combines Facebook and a running log. It even tells you how many donuts you've burned off! I wish there was a way to upload all of my past workouts so I can see how many donuts I could have eaten! More importantly, it would be convenient to have all of my workouts in one place. 

That's the end of the tour. Happy Tuesday everyone! My first UVM class is tonight. If I'm lucky I'll still have enough energy to go to the indoor track after. Let the semester begin (whether I'm ready or not)!


  1. this is SO cool Danielle! You are so motivated!

  2. Oooh, I wonder if I should use Daily Mile. It sounds like it might help keep me on track/motivated/organized. All things I need in my life.